In which Tinca has a new playmate

Tinca was in need of a friend and quickly. So doing everything you are not supposed to do, we went out and bought a puppy.  Can I introduce you to Tucker? Please excuse the state of the floor, they brought half the garden in with them!


He is a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and is doing very well. He is a typical boy, into everything, a good eater, quite a noisy little thing, but he has done what we wanted him to. He has brought Tinca out of herself. She is playing with him, eating, has spark back in her eyes.

Tucker has already been to the vet, and away in the Motorhome, with Tinca teaching him the rules. I hope to continue to blog about Tucker and his training together with his adventures as we go along.

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In which Lucky goes to the Rainbow Bridge.



The day had started out so well. We were away in the Motorhome, and settled on a rally field. OH had gone out with a friend and I was walking the dogs. They had to be on the lead for the bit round the fishing lake, but then I found a field where they could be off the lead and have a bit of a chase about. We continued round the lake and onto a public footpath. Lucky and Tinca both went up the side of a bridge on a very narrow and steep path, and as I saw them go up I called them back. Tinca came falling down the slope and came running towards me on her knees, and Lucky who was usually first back was nowhere to be seen. I grabbed Tinca, put her on a lead and tied her to a tree and ran or more accurately scrambled up the slope to find Lucky dead at the side of the road.

She must have just stuck her head out and been clipped. I was seconds behind her and it was instant. She wasn’t mangled thankfully. A driver behind the car that hit her had stopped and she found Lucky just after I arrived, thank you for stopping. I don’t think the driver of the car that hit her knew they had done so. This is what I choose to believe.

I carried Lucky back to our MH and with the help of friends took both dogs to a local vet, Lucky was confirmed dead and Tinca checked over (no damage). The veterinary practice was so kind to me. I left Lucky there to be cremated in the jumper I had carried her in.

Tinca was initially very confused, and because we were on a rally there were other dogs to distract her. She has only been on her own for 2 weeks in all of her young life to date, and it was rapidly becoming obvious to us that she needed a companion and soon.
The rescue we got Lucky from didn’t have anything suitable. What to do? On arrival home, Tinca laid on the sofa with her head on her paws and looked bereft. Grief in an animal is so hard to watch. You cannot explain as you would to a human.

Every night I go to sleep I see Lucky in my mind’s eye. I miss her singing to me in the mornings and when I come in from being out of the house or even just away from her. I am struggling to forgive myself for letting them off the lead to have a run. I just never imagined that they would go up the bank. I miss her curiosity, her wagging flag of a tail and her helping me to work by sitting on my lap. I miss watching her and Tinca zoom around the garden, with Lucky miles ahead and Tinca waiting to catch her on the way back. I miss her crooked smile, the way her head tilted, the gentle tap with her nose on my nose to give me a kiss, the tricks she had learned to do at training, and her barking while she was sorting out the pigeons in the back garden.

A one off, a unique little girl, we never did get around to DNA testing to try to establish exactly what sort of breeds she had in her, latest guesses included Pekinese, Chihuahua, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Italian Greyhound. But who really knows? She was just her, and we love and miss her very much. RIP Lucky, we will find you at the Bridge.


She loved to run!


Sometimes she flew too!


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Book Review: The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband by Julia Quinn


It is quite a while since I reviewed a book. I was sent this one by Little brown Book Group who are part of the Hachette Group, thank you for that. My honest opinion follows.

I have always enjoyed historical fiction, beginning my forays by reading Georgette Hayer, Jean Plaidy and the like. I have not read any of Julia Quinn’s novels before this one, and I will look out some of her other novels to see if I like them.

I read this book in one sitting, and apart from two small errors which jarred my read I did enjoy it as a bit of light entertainment. It  follows our feisty heroine over from Derbyshire to America in search of her brother, following her father’s death and the unwanted attentions of a male cousin who seeks her hand in marriage in order to take over the house rather than wait to see if he inherits it outright. I do like a heroine who has the gumption to try and sort a problem out rather than wait for someone to rescue her.

The year is 1779 and Britain is at war in the America’s, her brother is injured and she buries her mothers silver in the garden and buys a passage on a cargo ship to go to New York where she believes he is hospitalized. On arrival, she discovers her brother is missing but his friend is in hospital injured and unconscious. Seeking information, she tells a small white lie (I am his wife!) and gains access to Edward. I had hoped to learn a little more about the War of Independence but I won’t be getting it from this novel.

Edward has memory loss and cannot recall getting married, but the story of Edward and Cecilia’s romance is told through snapshots of their letters via her brother Thomas, and as they get to know each other even better in New York Cecilia’s lie begins to tangle them ever closer.

Scenes telling of their desires and the consummation of their marriage are well written and not outrageous and once the truth is known, the ramifications of Cecilia’s deceit cause havoc to both parties.

Cecilia is a character I have enjoyed getting to know, and I would welcome the opportunity to see how her story progresses. However, the plotline relating to the brother and Edward’s memory loss was thin, and soon ran out. More could have been made of this.  The familial links between Edward and the Royal Governor also seemed a little far fetched.

An interesting read which left me wanting to know more, but I am not certain I would have paid the full price for this one. It is cheaper on Amazon.


ISBN: 978-0-349-41054-8   £8.99



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Lucky and Tinca go Motorhoming

We love our Motorhome, and so it was essential to us that our dogs would enjoy it too.
We started out by introducing them to the inside of the Motorhome while it was on the drive, we had put covers on the benches, and allowed them to get up on them and look out of the windows and to have a good sniff around.


So far they have been in the Motorhome just twice last year (a weekend away) when we used the awning, and three times this year without the awning, although that will change next time out, and as we have a lot of rallies booked this year of varying lengths, we are sure they will be completely used to it by the time the year ends. This is all in preparation for a trip abroad next year in the MH.

It is important to us that the dogs do not just escape through the habitation door (the one on the side) as soon as it is opened, and so we are training them to ‘wait’ and to ‘stay’ whenever this door is open and that they are only allowed out when they are called. This is progressing well, and we can now have the door open with just the flyscreen across. We can be outside and the dogs inside, so long as they can see us, all is well. So far, they don’t even realise they can get out of the cabin doors!

The dogs sleep at night in their fabric crate, although we are hoping to swap this soon for a normal dog bed, as it will take up less space, we don’t have a door between them and our bed, and as we don’t want them on the bed (not a problem in the day, but if one of us goes to bed unwell, they are up there like a shot!) this is something we have to keep working on.

When outside of the Motorhome, they would normally be tethered, as we are usually on a rally somewhere, and I don’t like using windbreaks (although I know others do). We have yet to try them in the awning this year, and it will be interesting to see how they react to it.

Travelling with the dogs means that we have to take some of their equipment with us. We travel with enough food (we use Charlie Little dried and wet food) and they have bowls which are left in the MH so I don’t forget them! I am also going to buy a duplicate grooming kit to leave in the MH so I am not carrying that back and forth as well. A good brush, comb, nail trimmer and tick remover (just in case). We use long lines of 5m and 10m as well as short leads, so that they can have a run about even if they have to be kept on a lead. Luckily, their recall is excellent and I reinforce this element of their training regularly.  Poo bags – every pocket has poo bags, and this is no different in the MH, I always carry loads of them. We also take our Dickie Bag with us. It makes walking with a full bag much nicer! and we dispose of our bags appropriately. Towels for drying off wet dogs, towels for wiping the floor (carpets have been taken out!), and make sure they shake OUTSIDE the MH not inside!


I love cuddling up with them in the evenings, and they love looking out of the window to see what is going on. We haven’t had any problems with barking at people going past, and if we go out, we normally take them with us. Although we have been known to nip to a friends caravan for a small drink or too, and we don’t hear them bark at all.

It would appear that our dogs are very versatile and we love taking them with us. It is a conversation starter for people we meet on sites, and a way of making sure we get out and walk each day in different countryside

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Hello, how are you?


Pull up a chair and have a natter

When ever you see someone, you automatically ask “How are you?”, we don’t generally expect a real answer, we place emphasis on certain parts of the phrase to elicit the response we expect. A general murmur of “Fine, thank you. Any you?” is what we hope to hear.

Of course, if we are trying to bring comfort, then the emphasis is on the you, and the expected response is probably “As well as can be expected” which far too often we let people get away with.  With everything that is going on in the world, in peoples’ lives and with rising awareness of Mental Health and the importance of talking, we should reach out more and dig a little deeper behind the expected response. Especially if we know that something has been going on in some-one’s life.

So, Post40 bloggers asked. “How are you?” – No, really, how are you?

Well, thank you for asking, Post 40.

To answer the question honestly, depends on the day, even the time of day. At this moment in time, “Thank you. I am fine, a little stressed out about my course, but I should be OK, I am going to ring them tomorrow to discuss some stuff, I haven’t had my assignment feedback yet and it feels like ages!

I am feeling fat. I don’t seem to be able to stop eating. I think that is stress related plus we have a wedding to go to, and although I have a couple of dresses to choose from, I hate my legs. It’s such a faff. I want to be the elderly relative who doesn’t give a flying toss about what she looks like and be eccentric and wear anything, and yet…….. I don’t have the confidence to do that, because other people expect something different from me. Huge sigh, shrug of shoulders and then a big grin.

I saw my youngest the other day, it was wonderful. Until he told me he had got a tattoo. Oh, well, I think he expected me to go off on one, they know I don’t like them. But, he was sober when he got it done, it has relevance to him, and at the end of the day, its his body and his money. Wonder if it hurt?

Isn’t it a glorious day? It’s so warm after the rain we had. The gardens needed it. Oh, and the photos I took yesterday for the local fishing club? Well, they loved them. The dog training session went well, although Lucky was worn out by the end of it, she has done so well, both the trainers can see how much she has improved and they love to tell me that. I can’t always see it.

So, anyway, enough about me. How are you? No, really, how are YOU?






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