Welcome to my first ever blog! Not sure what will happen, my aim is to blog on a weekly basis, but it could be more often depending on if I have something to say or not!!!

So, to introduce myself. I am married (for far too long – get less for murder!) and have two wonderful sons. One of whom has left home, the other returns from University in the holidays and dumps his stuff in his room and then disappears again – currently he is at Download Festival – jealous? Moi? too bl**dy right I am….. I want to be camping in the cold, wet, muddy place and listening to rock music and getting drunk. Wonder if he will come back with a tattoo?

I am learning how to use my digital camera, because I am rubbish at taking photos. I am still rubbish, I just take more photos! Efforts will be posted, both good and bad so that you can take comfort in the fact that there is some-one worse than you are!

Why have I set this up? well, inspired by the likes of @Mum2BabyBlog, @Motherventing and @ageingmatron I have decided to have a crack at writing. Plus my OH is watching some fishing programme on the telly and I want to do something new instead…..

So first blog over, bit boring….. currently I am living with depression (I seem to get this on five or six-year cycle). I had my monthly 10 mins with my GP this morning, and although I feel I am improving he wants to up my meds (I refused) and when talking to my OH about this tonight he freely admitted he didn’t understand it (depression) and that he thinks I am just lacking in confidence….. not so sure I believe this…… what do you think? Does depression mean a lack of self-confidence?