Returning to an old hobby

So, second blog already – scary stuff! It has been a beautiful day here in the New Forest. My darling other half asked me what I wanted to do today. I had no idea, so I suggested that he might like to go fishing. The weather was nice, and we had no plans.

Fishing was a huge part of his life when we first met. He fished competitively and won small amounts of money. He was always on a canal bank somewhere. When we got married money was tight so the fishing kind of stopped as we had to spend the money on other things.

We had our two boys and on occasional holidays they would all go mackerel fishing. When the boys were older (about 10 I think), Hubby decided to take them fishing. They had the kit for Christmas and off they went a few times.

It kind of fizzled out and the kit lay unloved in the garage. Now we are at the stage where we have a little more money, and certainly more time to ourselves, hubby has decided to go fishing once more. Hours on ebay, parcels through the door, fishing kit all over the floor, looking in tackle shops, watching programmes and tutorials on tv and the computer. All very exciting.

His first outing was a couple of weeks ago, and he was out for a couple of hours. Today he left home at 9.30 and came home at 8.00pm! Love this…. I went over and watched him for a little bit, took some photos , bought a cup of tea, wandered about, and then came home.


Common Carp (I think), one of half a dozen I watched landed.

Took more photos of the birds in the garden and pottered about doing some chores (not many I have to be honest, but I can see the carpet in the lounge again!) and catching up on my magazines.

He has come home happy, relaxed, with stories to tell about his day, and for the first time in over 30 years he has had his dinner left on a plate for him when he came home from fishing, he used to moan about his dried out roast dinners when he lived at home and I promised he wouldn’t have that with me! Never did until today – I am not too concerned about that.

He seems really excited about going back to this hobby, have you ever gone back to a hobby? What hobbies do you have? Is there something you would like to try?

the Robin helping himself. This time it was for him, not taken back to the nest.

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2 Responses to Returning to an old hobby

  1. I think it is great to have hobbies and I wish Dad2BabyInsomniac would take up fishing! I blog as my main hobby and I love reading, if I had more time I think I would love to have lots more hobbies! x


    • Fishing is a great hobby, I like my photography too – Dad2 might like to start photography and take motorcross photos instead of taking part. He will have the inside track on what is likely to happen and so be in the right place at the right time! Once he is fixed of course. Once Lyla and any other babies are a bit older then you do get more time – honest!!


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