Last weekend I decided that I wanted to learn how to blog. Having been inspired by others, I put the residual energy into action and set up this blog.

As a result of this I have learned how to set up sub accounts on my main email. I have learned that I am actually quite a positive person (I am positive I can’t do this!), and I have learned that people are interested in what I have to say (can’t think why, but I am very grateful), and are supportive of me, people who I haven’t even met – thank you.

I have learned that once I get going, I could probably blog every day if I wanted to, having said I would blog only once a week, my second blog went up within days, having been sparked into action by another blog I read. This made me want to learn how to upload photos. I think I can do that now…. but this is the post where I want to try to learn how to do hyperlinks – so bear with me!! It might work, it might not!

This week I learned that a twitter friend had finally had her baby! A beautiful bouncing baby boy see here and was home safe and well. I learned on Wednesday that I could make a movie on my computer having used my camera to have a go at time-lapse photography with the birds in the garden and upload it to Flickr here. I also learned that 13 year olds are much more computer savvy than me!

Yesterday I learned that even men can be complete bitches and very very petty, and that I am too old to deal with all that crap. Life is far too short and so I told them so. The men at work were a little shocked to say the least!

Today I caught up with another friend. We had coffee, and lunch. I learned that I can sit and listen, laugh, and feel happy for a friend without getting a word in edgewise.  I also had my hair done today and it feels great.

I learned that I am getting slow as well. There were a pair of bullfinches in my garden and by the time I had the camera out they were gone! Rollocks!!

When I look back on this week I have had 3 very happy days, a couple of not so happy days, and 2 really great days. I hope to have a great day tomorrow too when I catch up with my brother who is over from Canada for a very short trip. Haven’t seen him for a good ten years – wonder if he is getting older too??

I learned today that no matter how old you get, you will probably still only feel in your late teens or twenties. Even if the body is weak the spirit is still whirling around on the dance floor. When will I feel like a grown up? I think I have decided that I am forever young and foolish!

Have a look, see if the links work and if I have learned another new skill!