How long is your rope today?

We all have days like it, days when the rope we are clinging onto (life) is long and life is good.
Yesterday my rope was very short. Work was busy, my youngest son had a day off (and did absolutely naff all).Oldest phoned with a dilemma, but that was sorted out. I wanted to watch the Olympics, but had to go to work. The duck invaded the maintenance shed at work, I ended up catching it and putting it out again. It came back though. I am tired, grumpy, I have ironing coming out of my ears, I need time to catch up on housework. The rope gets ever shorter. I took the bottles to the recycling, hubby cooked dinner, the rope gets slightly longer again.
Today the rope started off long again, I wondered how short it would be by the end of the day. So far the answer is still quite long. But that could change I suppose….

How long has your rope been today?

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