In an earlier post, I wrote about the Olympics. This morning and because I don’t work Friday I was able to watch a little bit more than usual. I have been chatting at work about how proud I am of how well the games seem to have been running, despite the G4s debacle, that there have been no boycotts by countries which could have spoiled things. I loved the Opening Ceremony. I have loved the rowing, the gymnastics (not so keen on cycling) and swimming, I have seen several interviews with the parents of successful athletes and this has made me think.

Pride is one of the seven deadly sins, according to the Bible (Proverbs 11:2) or a virtue according to Aristotle. I have seen it used in both positive and negative ways. I don’t often think of myself in a proud way (ie I am not often proud of what I have done, or achieved), in fact, I can probably only truthfully name half a dozen things I have to be proud of. 

Top of the list is my children, I tell them that I am proud of them and what they have achieved, which for them have taken effort and struggle. Academically and sporting achievements? well,  I know they are not the best in the world (or I would be watching them at the Olympics!) but to me they have achieved and are achieving so much more than I had the right to hope for.

When my children were born, I had hopes and dreams for them. One would be a world famous whatever he chose, the other a world famous whatever as well but in a different sphere. As they grew and their personalities developed I kind of thought that they would do well in business together and make millions (still dreaming, and way before ‘The Apprentice’) then I decided that I really didn’t mind what they did as long as they were happy. They could be road sweepers, as long as they were happy. They learned to swim, they learned to play rugby, they joined the Scouts at age 6 and learned loads of skills. Struggles at Junior School for one and Secondary School for both (but in different ways) didn’t stop their academic achievements and they went on to study at A level. Neither myself or my hubby have been to University. We were thrilled when they chose to go, and one has graduated already with the second one to complete next year and I am fit to burst with pride. When they both passed their driving tests, when they drove on their own for the first time (the worry!!!), I try to tell my boys that I am proud of them. They often tell me they know and shrug it off. I hope they do understand that I am as proud of them as any Olympic parent is of their athlete. My sons are becoming independent, young men. They have both found a sport they enjoy and continue to be involved in long after leaving school – better than I ever did! One has already left home and has moved to another County. He is settled and happy. That is all I wanted. Other parents can have the hassle of training camps, travel to foreign countries, the ups and downs of sportsmen and women. I have two children I am proud of and that I love to bits. I need nothing else.

What are you proud of? Who are you proud of? Why are you proud?

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