Understanding football?

I have been a new supporter of our local team for nearly a year now. There are lots of things I don’t understand about the game. Some things I do understand – like the offside rule, like if our team kicks the ball out, then the opposition get to throw it in.

Things I don’t understand:

  • Why I sit next to my hubby and see a completely different game to him?
  • What do strikers do?
  • can midfield players strike and defend?
  • How can defenders score goals?
  • Why doesn’t the clock at the ground carry on after 45 and 90 minutes so we can tell how many extra minutes have actually been played?
  • What do the subs talk about when they are warming up?
  • Why isn’t time wasting penalised
  • who decides who is going to take free kicks etc
  • why doesn’t the clock stop and restart like in Basketball and American Football when the ball goes out of play?
  • Why do players not play to the whistle all the time
  • why do players not take free kicks and corners quickly?
  • why are referee and linesman decisions not on a loud speaker so the fans can hear them (a bit  like the rugby on tv) or have option of ref radio (like at the international rugby matches)
  • Why do we always get shit refs?
  • why doesn’t everyone sing and why haven’t we got any good songs?

Still, on a Saturday I go to the pub for a couple of pints (yes, I am a woman who drinks pints) I go to the football. I watch the players and the match and come away usually having enjoyed myself. I did this week. There was lots of pressure at both ends and we eventually scored an equaliser. We missed a few shots and fans were getting frustrated and negative again.
But why do I always come away feeling like I have watched a different match to everyone else?



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