What a difference

Today I went to the football. Nothing new there. However, the team have not been playing well lately and we are now on our 3rd manager since I have been watching the team (December 2011). This week was different though. This week we got another manager. He’s been here before and most people seem to be really happy about this.
I was interested in what people were saying about him. I follow some of the players and their tweeting has changed since the new manager was announced. They seem to be a lot happier and more relaxed. That is in just two days. I am sure that some of them knew what was going on before the fans did, and it must have been difficult for them to stay focused on what they could and couldn’t say.
I went to the ground today wondering what the atmosphere would be like. The caretaker manager took the team and the new manager was introduced to the crowd just as I was walking in.
I have never heard the football ground sound like that. The singing, clapping and cheering was amazing.
I found my seat and wondered if the positive vibe around the ground would continue.
The footballers seemed to be playing with a different mindset, they were so determined. There appeared to be loads more communication between them as well – not sure it was all polite, but never mind!
An ex-player was part of the opposition and it was really nice to see the welcome he received. He seems to be missed.
I am still very new to the world of football and was amazed that people can sing at the top of their voices for so long – the North Stand was inspirational, I was looking for the empty spots so I know where to sit next time I go to watch! I want to be part of that.
The best bit of the afternoon (apart from the result? we won by the way – first time this season!) the way that the caretaker manager spoke after the game to the local radio station. I really hope that the incoming manager can find a spot for him somewhere.
I hope that the season goes onwards and upwards, I hope that the difference remains and that we begin to move up the league.
Up the Cherries!!!

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