The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Today we went to Watford. The team I support had 6 goals put past them and we scored one. Am I downhearted? No. I will tell you why. 

Our supporters sang for almost the whole game. We got behind our team even when they were losing, trying to get their heads back up, trying to show them that we had their back, that if we could have been on the goal line to block the goals we would have been there. 

I sang, I chanted, I clapped. I groaned. I cheered. I was disgusted though by some of the actions of fellow ‘fans’. Shouts of break his legs, end his career, are not ones that I think we should be making. No one should wish that on anyone. 

I was also very shocked (I am an innocent at this football game I know) by the ‘fan’ who had Daddy on the back of his shirt who threw a bottle of water at the Watford fans on his way down the steps. He then went across to them. I don’t know what happened next as I was busy making my way down the steps and out of the ground. Why do that? Does it really matter that much? I know it is important, I know our fans were stunned, but I also know that in the whole scheme of things it is more important to get behind the team than to take it out on the opposition fans. 

All I would end with is a plea to the powers that be – what ever you do, please please do not give Cherry Bear a drum!!!

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