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OK, so seven months since I last posted and what a lot has happened in my life since then.

I have been made redundant, not a total shock as the place I was working in had been under scrutiny for some time, and it finally closed down at the end of August. I was fortunate enough to find another job in my home town and I am working 3 days a week which gives me more time to get back to blogging and photography and reading and baking and oh so many things, so little time!

I had mixed feelings and I still do, I will put a post together about them and put that up later in the month. I had undertaken a course at the school in Photography, and while I was sad that I didn’t get to complete it, I was blown away by my B grade at AS level – go me! A further post to come on that too!!

My eldest son has got engaged, to a delightful girl, wedding date set, diet started!!!! Much more on that to come!

Retirement from work is pending, it is something we are planning for, and we hope we are getting it right. We have lots planned. It is going to be a great adventure we hope.

My football team, AFC Bournemouth (well, I say my, I share it  10 or 11 thousand others!) goes from strength to strength. I was reading back some of my earlier posts about football, and while some things have changed (my knowledge for instance) others haven’t! I am sure I will find plenty to write about there!

So, forgive the length of time between posts, I can’t remember how to do half the things I learned last time like links etc. but I am sure it will all come back to me!

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