I Promise That I Will Do My Best……….

“There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” 
― Edith Wharton

When I look back at my life I want to think that I have done my best. 
I know I haven’t. 

If I had, I would be a healthy weight and I would be fit for starters!! 

I haven’t always been a good friend. I could have been more generous with my time, been more supportive, listened more, laughed more. My friends tell me otherwise! So, perhaps I am being a little hard on myself. 

When I browse my Twitter timeline, I see all sorts of sad, funny, uplifting, frustrating, political things. I read things that make my blood boil. I read things that make me want to hold the writer and hug them while they cry their heart out. I read things that make me want to sing with joy. I read things that make me want to learn more. Hence my interest in Photography. 

I feel a part of strangers lives and the friend in me rejoices in that. I wish I could be a better friend to everyone! I try to spread a little light by reflecting back on my own life and passing on my own experiences in the hope that it helps somebody even if only a small way. 

So, in what way have I done my best? I volunteered for 15 years in the Scout Movement and I really DID do my best. I loved it, and it was hard work, but I did the best I could. 

I have been married for over 32 years. I really have done my best here! I married a smashing bloke, had two smashing kids, and have done my best to bring them up to be decent human beans. They have surpassed my hopes and dreams for them. 

I have however decided that this year especially I am going to do my best to look after me. I am going to be selfish. I am going to do more of what I want to do, when I want to do it. I am also going to say no a bit more! Wish me luck with that one!

Next week I am annual leave. I have plans. My camera batteries are charged and my tripod is ready. I only hope the weather plays ball!

Do you think you have done your best? Or are you, like me, too hard on yourself? Always wishing you could have done or do more? 


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