Being of a certain age (let’s just say over 21 by quite a lot) and having been to what seems like more than my fair share of funerals over the past couple of years I have started to plan for the future.

I have lots of stuff. What will happen to it all when I die? I don’t need it. My family won’t want it. Sure, they laugh about putting stickers on things they want, but, in reality, my taste isn’t theirs. 

I am starting to think like this a lot more now. I went to the funeral of a cousin (on my birthday –  very sobering). He had a great funeral, lovely hymns (Fight the Good Fight, and Amazing Grace), a wonderful vicar who knew him and about the struggles he had gone through. A very personal service. His children who are in their early twenties had planned it well. As I listened to what they said about him, it made me wonder what people would say about me at my service (don’t worry, not planning to shuffle off just yet!)

‘Oh she was lovely’  ‘she was a real cow at times’ ‘she was a miserable sod’ ‘she spent so much time looking after others, she forgot about us’ ‘she loved a good hug’ 

Would my kids be saying ‘You should have seen what we found in the cupboards’ or ‘She was found under all the junk in her house’, ‘we had been nagging her to have a clear up’ for future reference – nagging doesn’t work, it makes me dig my heels in!

So, I have decided to have a declutter. I am going to recycle, donate, and sell on where possible. I am only going to buy things I need for my hobbies if I can justify them (haha tell me another one!)

Hubby has already started on the garage, so I must have a sort out too. 

I have to decide do I want to have things around me that I like, lots of bits and pieces, or do I strip it all down to the bare essentials and never buy another thing unless I absolutely need it and it is a consumable? I think I have already decided that I want to live my life as I want to, not so that others behind me aren’t troubled by me.