My inbox is full of messages saying Love your Mum – buy her an Ipad, a canvas print, etc. Adverts on TV remind me that Mothers Day (here in the UK at any rate) is rapidly approaching, don’t forget to buy a card / flowers / smellies / spa treat / meal /

Well here is a radical thought for all of those advertisers out there.

I don’t want  my children to spend vast or even small sums on me for one day. I would much prefer a phone call and a chat, or perhaps even a visit if they were able on a regular basis. I am sure that many mothers would agree with me. Especially if their children have flown the nest and are busy building homes and careers of their own.

This would show me far more  deeply how much I am loved (if indeed I am by my children – I wouldn’t dare to presume!). I don’t need possessions to show me that.

While pondering my reaction to all of this, I realised that I didn’t love my Mum when she was alive, I certainly don’t now she is dead (a very long and uninteresting story), I cannot be the only person who has or had a bad relationship with their parents. I cannot be the only Mother who feels like this.

Which leads me neatly onto the sorrow that so many women feel who cannot become Mothers in their own right, or have lost a child ,or have become estranged from their child for whatever reason, for whom Mothers Day is full of sadness and grief, those who mourn their own Mothers having had a wonderful relationship with them.

So, the question, my friends, is this. How do we let the rest of the world know that many of us don’t care about Mothers Day at all?