My First Ever Blog Post updated

Many of the people I follow on Twitter blog. They blog about different things, and they inspired me to get blogging in my own right. I have been messing about with blogging over the past two years to be honest as life has got in the way. But a blast from the past recently made me realise how much and yet how little has changed in that time.

One of these ladies (Jess@alongcamecherry) has a blog called The Perfect Romance Experiment She had blogged about getting married and should the woman propose here  . She had previously asked for guest posts so I responded with my own! I was shy in those days so asked to remain anonymous! Anyway, Jess posted this again recently from her Archive.
So, here is the link to the original guest post here and if you are interested my update is below!

This was originally written in 2012, hubby had lost 4 stones – he has put back 3! We are working together on losing it again! His health is not much better, but he is generally well.

The football team I went to watch (AFC Bournemouth) was in League 1. Well, this season they are in the Championship and I now have a season ticket. This season I have seen Real Madrid and Liverpool at our home ground. The season started a bit badly, but the team have pulled themselves together, learned lessons and we are now comfortably safe in the middle of the league. A position we never thought possible at the start of the season when we were beaten 6-0 by Watford! We still go to to the pub occasionally. 

We still have the motorhome and we still go away a lot. Last year we didn’t use it as much as we thought as we went abroad quite a bit, but we still love it, and have already been away this year.

I still dream of a lie in without expectations and I have finally finished the menopause (I think!).

Our oldest son  invited us to spend Christmas with him, that felt odd, that he has his own home, life, .  We had a lovely time. He is now engaged to be married. The weight loss battle gets serious now! 2 years to go!

Our youngest son graduated, and went back to Uni to do a part time Masters degree and support himself. He seems to be doing OK. When we hear from him typically when he wants information, money or both, or if we have phoned and left 30 messages asking if he is still alive and he reluctantly rings to confirm this.

I no longer Scout, I have to say that I don’t miss it. I miss the kids, the adventure – but not the politics or the paperwork.

I am still learning photography. I did an AS level and got a B grade – Go Me!  I joined a Camera Club. Hubby is very patient!! I have camera stuff ALL over the house!! Occasionally I post photos on here. I get frustrated sometimes and I am still trying to get to grips with Photoshop!

We still bicker!! I think that is part of the glue that holds us together! He still worries about me and I still worry about him!

He still rings our sons and tells them to ring me! he even reminds them about my birthday! He still buys me silly things for under a £1!

We are currently making plans for retirement – early hopefully – and a house move up to the East Midlands possibly. Exciting times are ahead.

Well, that is the catch up! Life moves onwards.

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2 Responses to My First Ever Blog Post updated

  1. Sorry it’s taken me so long, I have finally got around to reading this! The house move sounds exciting! And so lovely that you spent Xmas with your son, I can imagine it was really strange to see he has his own life, I guess you always think of them as your babies! Well done on the photography course too, that’s amazing! x


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