The Wedding

My oldest son is getting married. In two years time. To a delightful girl, who is already a major part of the family. This has brought my mind sharply into focus. I have the weight of  a person to lose. I am over 12 stones overweight. If I lose this at a rate of 2lb a week I can do it by the wedding. I have been messing about with this for the past year and I have lost weight, put it back on, and lost it again.
Today I have drawn a line in the sand.

I use to say I have no will power. That is crap. It is an excuse. I gave up smoking 33 years ago. That took will power. I can do the same again.
I have stopped drinking alcohol (2 weeks ago) it is a waste of calories.
I have decided that I don’t eat cake anymore  (about 3 weeks?). I don’t eat biscuits any more (whoops – we won’t count yesterday, I will start again today!) and I don’t eat sweets any more (over a week now since I last ate any sweets).

I am going to reduce my calorie intake, and I am going to increase my calorie burn. Once again I am starting to walk to work (mile and a half) 3 days a week. I am swimming twice a week (the other two days) and aqua aerobics once a week.

I have decided to set myself small goals of half a stone at a time. I can’t do big targets.

I feel bad about my body, I don’t feel healthy, I have no health concerns luckily. I am not going to blog relentlessly on this, that would be boring, but I am going to record my feelings as I go and my successes. Because I  am going to succeed, and I am going to find a fabulous outfit to wear. There is a bridal shop on the way to the football ground, they always have wonderful Mother of the Bride outfits in the window. I hope to be able to get to be small enough to be able to shop in there in 18 months time. Target set.

I have already lost my first 1/2 stone. Only another 20 or so to go!! I hope that putting it ‘out there’ will help keep me motivated.

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