Being a Mother

It is amazing to me how cooking and baking, providing food for my family makes me feel content, as if it is all I can do to demonstrate that I love and care for them. I know in my head that it isn’t the only way, but in my heart it seems as if that is what being a mother is all about.

This weekend was a prime example!! It was fabulous. It started on Friday evening, my eldest son and his fiancee arrived for the w/e, early!! I wasn’t expecting them until late but C had changed her shift and T finished work at mid-day.
I had made a lasagna for dinner, served with garlic bread and salad (I had too much garlic bread, lots of salad, and a smaller than usual portion of lasagna). Two portions left over for later this week (well, actually, we had them for dinner tonight!) I haven’t made a proper Lasagna for ages. At least 3 months.

I had done some baking as we were expecting company for Saturday lunch. I made some little lemon buns, and a small lemon sponge cake. The buns had lemon water icing on top and the sponge was cut into layers with cream and some lemon curd in. Apparently tasty – I didn’t get any of that! The buns were ok though. The last time I made sponge cake was in August 2013 for W’s  21st birthday!!! I have got a photo of that, but the decoration was terrible, so I am not posting that!!

Saturday – because we were having a sandwich type of lunch my hubby suggested we make it a ‘high tea’ so fancy sandwiches and scones and cakes etc. I made scones for the first time in ages (YEARS!), got a really simple recipe off the BBC Good Food Web site here and much to my suprise they rose!! Everyone liked them, I also made a banana cake loaf with the over-ripe bananas (recipe here ). I was worried about serving ‘tea’ at lunchtime, but if the Ritz can serve afternoon tea at 11.30am I wasn’t going to worry too much!

I was really good and didn’t eat too much cake, we used my cake stand, the ‘posh china’ and had a really lovely time chatting about family members.  As a first for me, I really enjoyed it, I didn’t take any photos because I was rushing around, but I will next time. I also forgot to put some stuff out, so I will make sure I do that next time. I also really want a pretty table cloth, possibly something like this, Filet crochet table cloth with pattern chart

Dinner for T & C was fish and chips at the beach – a bit of a tradition for them, we stayed home!

Sunday, a big roast dinner lunch before they went home again. T had requested Rock Cakes so I made a batch and they took them home with them. My favourite cook book is the Dairy Cookbook from 1980 and this is where the Rock Cake recipe comes from.

I did drink a little more than I wanted to over the weekend, but it was nice to see T & C, Plus a bonus phonecall from W (youngest son) as well, and I felt as if I had my Mothers Day early.

A truly contented me tidied up the house and went to bed early as work beckoned in the morning.

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