Yesterday was a Good Day

W’ow, where to start? I stepped on the scale to discover a loss of just over 3lb. “That’ll do Pig, That’ll do”. I don’t know how exactly other than I have been reducing my calorie intake. Been exercising moving slightly more recently, so I guess every little helps.
I have a new mantra. It seems to be working so far!

716 days to go (to the wedding)
I do not eat cake, I stopped 3 days ago
I do not eat Biscuits, I stopped 6 days ago
I do not drink alcohol, I stopped 2 day ago
I do not eat sweets, I stopped 18 days ago
I do not smoke, I stopped 33 years ago

Last night we went to The Goldsands Stadium Dean Court, to watch our team AFC Bournemouth (also known as The Cherries) play a league match against Leeds United Football Club.  There is history between our two clubs. In 1990 Leeds played Bournemouth on a Bank Holiday. It was carnage. Leeds ‘fans’ ran amok in the town causing chaos and fear, injuring people and leaving behind damage and many many unhappy people. I didn’t live here then. I wasn’t really aware of the past. However, in football, passions and memories run deep and last long. So it was that the fixture was arranged for a Tuesday night.

Leeds are struggling at the moment, and their manager is under pressure. A scenario we are familiar with at Dean Court. Leeds fans had been full of what they and their team were going to do to Bournemouth, it made me feel very unsure about if I wanted to go to the match. I am a bit of a coward. I admit that. However, with some of our fans being equally vocal in their hatred of Leeds fans, I was worried there would be trouble. However, I didn’t see any at all. That isn’t to say there wasn’t any trouble, I just didn’t see any.

I had my dinner waiting for me when I got home (love it when my hubby gets home first) and then we set off.  On the way, we placed our metaphorical bets on the result. I went for a draw, my hubby (ever the pessimist) went for a home loss.
We arrived early, and parked up, listened to the local radio and I was continuously checking Twitter for team news. We walked across to the ground and saw three coaches full of away fans pull up. Looked like Leeds had brought a large following with them!

I won’t give a blow by blow account, other people do this much better than me and you can read their accounts of the game here and here.

I was amazed by the speed of the first goal, the number of Leeds fans, the way that the singing of the Bournemouth fans rang round the ground after the first goal (all 3 stands were pointing at Leeds and pointing, singing ‘who are you, who are you’). Fantastic to see.

I didn’t join in all of the singing – I don’t hate the Leeds Scum,  I wasn’t going to say I was. It was interesting to hear people who weren’t even alive in 1990 singing that.
My next cause of anxiety would be leaving the ground. After beating Leeds 4-1, I was concerned that the Leeds fans may kick off.  It never ceases to amaze me that at football grounds home and away fans are segregated, during the game, yet afterwards, they all mix together as they make their way back to their transport (albeit the coach travellers were at the rear of the ground). There were Leeds fans walking away, they were singing a song which made me feel uncomfortable, but we got back to the car. Homeward bound and listening to local radio and the assistant manager giving his thoughts.

I was relieved to get home. I was delighted with the win, which topped off a good day weight wise (and I turned down sweets and biscuits!) and hubby is pondering going to watch Bournemouth play Birmingham at Birmingham. I won’t be going as I want to take some photographs! Just have to hope the weather is good.

What a day.

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