My Big Worry.

The clocks went forwards yesterday. Another hour lost. The weather was glorious. I was hoping to get out and take some photographs, but it wasn’t to be.

We ended up nipping up the M3 to collect an item my hubby had bought from Ebay for the motorhome (some silver screens for the cab). Not a lot of traffic, but when we came home he dropped a bombshell. Someone is coming to look at the house tomorrow night? (measuring up for replacement windows)  !!! HELP – it isn’t tidy!

Mad tidy round, clear up, put away the stuff I am clearing through and chucking out. Still, I managed it and the house looked OK when I left for work this morning.

Hubby decided to do some more clearing in the garage, and then today as he got home early from work – saw the man round the house, and then started to paint the utility room – crikey, once he is on a roll, he is on a roll.

I have had shocking weekend with my depression and I am struggling big time. I am very tearful. However, tonight I am going to bed on time and I am going to try and have a good nights sleep. I know that sleep is important. I know that eating properly is important. I know that thinking right is important.


I wish my fingernails would grow. They have gone all flaky. I have cut them really short. Will that help? Any girly girls out there who can tell me? I have ridges as well. Is it because I am getting old? How can I improve them? Is it all down to diet? I like my nails long and strong. I like painting them. I have loads of different colours.  All ideas welcome!!

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