Anything is Possible

When we started this football season, we had just been promoted to the Championship. Realists the pessimists amongst us felt we would not last long, and early results were heavy losses.

Our team had a lot to learn and very quickly.

The catchphrase at the Club seems to be Anything is Possible.  So it has proved.

I have come home tonight having watched my gallant, heroic, amazing football team play their socks off. They were down to ten men and they hung on. They scored more than the opposition, OK, not as many as the past couple of matches, but it was enough.
The crowd sang, cheered, clapped, supported, whistled, and stamped their feet right the way to the end and then some.

I have never been so proud of ‘my’ team. I hoped before the game that our Captain Tommy Elphick would be Man of the Match, and he was. He played a blinder. Our players were battered and clattered by the opposition, yet they still carried on.

Our Manager Eddie Howe and his team are phenomenal. They just seem to know exactly what to do and how to say it.

We have just 6 games remaining of this season, and the Play-offs are on the horizon. This is a position that at the beginning of the season we would never have believed possible. We would have taken just outside relegation to be honest, with a best case scenario of mid table security.

When everyone believes – Anything is Possible.

Come on you Cherries!!

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