My Safe Place.

My Safe Place – well, I have two meanings to this.

One is where I feel safe and secure and that is where-ever my husband and I are together – generally at home or in the Motor Home. Having had what people call a dysfunctional childhood, I am glad I have a safe place. It helps when I have a depressive episode. I like to be in my safe place. Knowing that the world can’t get at me, and that if I want to or need to, I can just curl up and do nothing.

My other safe place is a Universal one. We all have one. We have all said – “I will put it in a safe place” and then whatever the item is, is hidden away.

I currently am looking for my safe place. I have put my passport in it, with the card element of my driving licence. I know they are safe. They must be. They are in my Safe Place.

I wish I knew where it was. I have an inkling. I am off there now to search high and low.

I also have to finish clearing the office out. My youngest son is due home at the weekend, I have promised to clear some space so that he can continue his University work while at home, he gave me two choices – the office or the dining room. Neither are currently available for use. I will have to work hard to clear either. I have been working on the office trying to sort out all the stuff that has accumulated and it has reached that stage where it looks worse before it looks better! I have boxes everywhere.

Do you have a “safe place”? Do let me know, you never know, it may help me find mine!!!

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2 Responses to My Safe Place.

  1. My safe place is at home with my husband and kids. My safe place for stuff is one I remember but Hubs always forgets, so he comes rushing to me to find any important documents!


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