Shattered Dreams?

When this football season started, we were starting out in the Championship.

We had to learn and learn fast. Our players did so, and so the fans began to dream. Initially we began to dream about not being straight back down to League One again. Staying out of the relegation zone would be great.
The players continued to improve, our dreams began to become more ambitous – could we end up towards the middle of the table? Surely not.

Then came a run of games in which the players and fans were just phenomenal. The players were playing out of their skins, the fans were making so much noise and supporting the whole team. Dreams became greater. Mathematically we could reach the play-offs. This means we could potentially reach the Premier League. Skyscraper dreams!

Big dreams. Big ambitions. Big hopes.

Today we played Sheffield Wednesday. They hadn’t read the script. They beat us. 4-2. We deserved it. We didn’t play well, the players looked both devastated and shocked. Reading the forums a lot of people have had their dreams shattered. Apparently it is still possible.  We play again on Monday. Away at Ipswich. A long journey (well, it is for us in the UK!).

We are travelling to support our team, to show our faith in them, and to visit a part of the country we haven’t been to before.

We might win, we might still make the play-offs, there are three more matches including Monday’s match. I don’t know what to dream anymore. It was all put into perspective tonight when I read that a 20 year old professional football player for a Premier League team had lost his battle with Testicular Cancer. His parents and his siblings will be shattered. All the hopes and dreams they had for their son/brother are shattered. My hopes and dreams don’t matter any more.

If you are reading this and you know a young man. Get him to check himself. Make sure he knows what to look for. If this illness is caught early then it can be treated. Further information can be found here


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  1. ShortDee says:

    I hope that you don’t mind, and please don’t feel obligated


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