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Well, do you like the new look? I have been playing around with the various free themes and have gone back to this one. This is the one I started out with originally. I got bored with it, changed a couple of times and have decided that this is the one I really like best.

I have had a busy weekend, I will blog on that later. I am trying very hard to lift myself from the deep funk I have slipped into. I was honest with my hubby on Saturday and I frightened him a bit I think about how much I had slipped backwards. Still, onwards and upwards.

The diet has gone out the window, and I am now back up to were I was originally. Devastated isn’t the word for it. I start again tomorrow. Today was just a disaster.

We are stripping the wall paper off the hall, stairs and landing (well, he is, I am tidying up the mess he makes) and have been looking at new wall lamps. Once again we can’t agree on what we want. Suspect we will either compromise, or eventually we will both find the same thing on different websites!! That happens a lot of times when we are looking for stuff.

bird flying

Sometimes I Wish I Was As Free As A Bird