My Easter Weekend

So this Easter saw us travelling around the UK once more. On Friday we were once again at Dean Court to watch AFC Bournemouth play Sheffield Wednesday. I blogged about that match here.
Saturday we were up bright and early and on the road. We had decided to make a long weekend of it. Our first stop was Bury St Edmunds. Purely because we had never been there before (it is the kind of thing we do!). For more information on Bury St Edmunds read here. The weather was warm if cloudy and I didn’t need a coat – lovely in April.

We had booked a room at the Dog and Partridge, a Greene King pub. Nice room, stank of paint which kind of spoiled our night, but the service was friendly, the room clean etc. etc. The breakfast the next day was good too. £50 for the two of us, inc. breakfast. Bargain. Parking in Bury was kind of limited. The shops were good, and the Abbey Gardens were spectacular. I was taking photos trying to get a good one for the next camera club competition. Don’t think I got a winner lol !

I didn’t go into the Cathedral as hubby was running out of patience, so I whizzed round the gardens and met him in the car park. We still had some time spare so we decided to drive around a bit, and we came across a country park.  Hubby needed a sleep (!) so I went for an explore. I had missed the daffodils, I bet they looked spectacular. I needed the loo so I found the ladies. A little girl was sobbing fit to bust in there. She had locked herself in, bless. Mum, friends and other children were all talking to her and trying to get her to push the lock across, while someone had gone for Dad. Every little girl deserves a hero for a Dad. She had done. In he came, climbed over the loo door (not without some effort) and he rescued his little girl. She was still sobbing and clinging to him for dear life some five minutes later and wouldn’t let go of him, so sweet. I hope she remembers this when he is vetting her boyfriends in the years to come!

Eventually we landed at the pub and settled in for the night.

Next day after breakfast went to revisit an old haunt – Felixstowe. We have been going here off and on for 30 plus years. Hubby off and on for the past 50 years. His grandparents had a static caravan there and he has many fond memories of the place. Sadly, over the years the place has changed, shops he remembered have closed down and sea front improvements have made the place very different.

The weather was rubbish, very different to Saturday. We had forgotten it was Easter Sunday and that all the shops would be shut – whoops. We parked up by the Landguard Fort. I like museums. So I went in and wandered round for a bit with my camera, while Hubby watched the ships at the fort. I learned quite a bit. The Felixstowe Museum is also in one of the buildings, but I didn’t visit that, I needed a cup of tea!!

We eventually pootled off towards Ipswich. AFC Bournemouth were due to play Ipswich Town on Easter Monday.  We wandered round Ipswich for a bit to get our bearings and to find somewhere to eat that evening. We had booked into a Premier Inn (I love Premier Inn) at Quayside. They were quite happy for us to leave our car in the car park the next day until after the match, bonus, no parking fee! Booked in and found our room – cup of tea and a quick nap and then we were ready to go for a wander on foot.
There is a lot of refurbishment going on and when it is finished it will be a wonderful place to visit. I would like to go back. We ended up at a Chinese restaurant that night, buffet. I ate far too much!!

The Monday morning we went into the town. We had a very nice breakfast at Patisserie Valerie and having looked at some of the stunning buildings and architecture we sat in the Square to soak up some sun and atmosphere. I am one of those people who talks to strangers on street benches. I met a couple of lovely people. One old lady who was a season ticket holder at Ipswich (I think, she did keep asking me the same question though, so she may have had dementia of some sort). She told me the saddest day of her life was when her husband died. I just wanted to cuddle her.  We went and had another wander around and came back to the square where I sat next to an elderly gentleman who people would cross the square to come and say hello to. We got talking. This gentleman was in his 90’s. He was American and had come back to the UK to bring his English wife back before she died. He had been at the Normandy landings. He was wonderful to talk to and it was a real privilege to meet him.
As I was talking to him, we noticed that the Bournemouth fans were getting larger in number, and it was soon time to go to the Ground.

Others have blogged on the match and the reult far better than I can. For my part, Cook’s goal was spectacular, I loved him coming down to celebrate with us. I loved singing a song for Cherry Bear (the mascot) as he took part in a mascot race (and only narrowly lost – we should have put Tokelo Rantie in the suit for the race). I missed Tommy Elphick (bad back apparently), and I loved the way our players never ever gave up.

We had a safe journey home, completely tired out. Why does travelling take it out of you so much?

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