For Matilda Mae – Happy Birthday.

Today is Matilda’s second birthday, there will be presents, there will be cake, there will no doubt be laughter, there will probably be tears too.

This is because Matilda will not be there to open her presents, nor eat her cake, nor play with her siblings Esther and William.  Matilda died in her sleep at 9 months old. She is a Sudden Infant Death statistic. Except she isn’t. She is the much loved baby of Jennie and David, the baby sister of Esther and William. She will be the big sister of the Rainbow Baby that Jennie and David are expecting. I write is and will be deliberately. Because to Jennie and David, Esther and William, she is still a part of their family.  But when Jennie’s dreadful news spread across Social Media, Matilda Mae became part of a lot of other people’s families. She has had a marked effect on many people.

Jennie and David became part of our families too. We all wished we could take away the pain, we all wished we could give them hugs and comfort, we all wished we could help in some tiny way.  No parent should have to bury their child.

Jennie has blogged eloquently about her feelings throughout this time here and especially about the sadness of marking a birthday without the birthday girl.

Jennie and David have been involved in raising awareness of the Lullaby Trust, raising funds for Lullaby Trust, fighting the pain to do so. If I could award a medal for all of this I would. Instead I will blow bubbles to the sky for Matilda, wish her Happy Birthday, and donate to the Lullaby Trust, so that one day, there may be an end to this pain, and to the enormous fear of it happening again to those parents who have gone through this horrendous pain, and who are brave enough to grow a Rainbow Baby.

To Jennie, David, Esther, William and all your extended family, I wish you a Happy Matilda Mae Day, A Peaceful Day, and please take comfort from this, that Matilda Mae will not be forgotten, by an awful lot of people, all over the world. She may have only been here for 9 months, but what an impact she made!

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2 Responses to For Matilda Mae – Happy Birthday.

  1. I am wanting to comment on one of your posts about being grateful you have decided to follow my blog but I keep finding amazing hreartfelt posts from you and my blog seems so frivolous! I know there is room for all sorts of blogs and I’m happy about that, but know your words touch me! Thank you for sharing.


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