Lessons learned this week.

In no particular order

Dieting – is not for me. I can’t do it, I hate it, I am useless at it, I have no will power – oh, hang on a minute, I’ve lost a pound!! Yay! Go me! I can do it, I love  don’t mind it, I am not that useless at it. I do have will power – it’s buried in the biscuit tin!

Decorating – is not for me, I hate the mess it creates. I can’t find what I like. We will never agree on what to redecorate with. Why did we start on the hall stairs and landing? We must be mad!! Oh, hang on a minute, after a dozen match pot testers we think we have found a colour we like, and a carpet, and some light fittings, but the MESS!!! That is truly driving me potty!! Still, it should look good when we have finished – won’t it? Will those colours work?

Photography – I tried cutting mounts for a couple of print this week. mmmm, I need more practise. They look rubbish. I did them again. a bit better. This takes practise. Crikey it’s tricky. Still, they are done now and handed in (print competition at my camera club), will let you know how I get on. Both new pictures, not sure they both quite meet the brief, one definitely does, the other may not.  I know more than I thought I did. I helped some-one get to grips with their camera and the different settings yesterday! They now know about Apertures and Shutter Speeds, a little bit about ISO’s and a tad bit more about White Balance! And they say I gave them confidence and that I had patience – who’d ‘a thunked it eh? Me?!  Anyway, said person is off to read their camera manual (they couldn’t face it before) and to practise using the buttons to change the settings so they know what and how to do it in the field! Go me. A career in teaching photography beckons (not!).

Football – well, its the end of the season for me. The team and about 1100 supporters are off to Millwall on Saturday. I won’t be going, primarily because the match has nothing on it, except the possible relegation of Millwall, whose fans have a particularly poor reputation, and also because we need to finish the decorating! This season was my first as a season ticket holder for the whole season (last year I had a half season ticket) and I have enjoyed it. I just have to decide if I want to renew it.
Do I want to spend that money and get entertainment for however many weeks, and watch good football, with the roller coaster experience it provides, and with the possibility of promotion next season, OR do I want to spend the money on a new printer for my photographs or a new lens? Big dilemma. Suggestions welcome by the way.

Reading all of this shows one of my major character flaws. I am indecisive, I have little confidence in my own abilities. I am suprised by my own successes. I shouldn’t be. I should be able to have faith in what I know and what I do. It has all been taken away from me over the years by other people. I am not going to allow this any more. I can do things. I will do things. I may not do them as well as other people (I will be unlikely to win a major photography prize for example) but I am going to take part in things a lot more.

Have you learned any lessons this week?

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2 Responses to Lessons learned this week.

  1. I am learning not to automatically panic when things aren’t going right. It always comes out in the wash as they say!

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  2. Ain’t that the truth, as they also say!


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