The End of The Season

Well, another football season for our club has drawn to a close. We have done well. We have surpassed most peoples expectations. It is alright, this isn’t an end of season review. Other bloggers do that much better than I can.  But, now comes the time I hate. Nothing concrete is going on.

There is nothing to look forward to on a Saturday (or Tuesday, or Monday, or Sunday – depending on which league you follow), the end of season awards are duly awarded, and the players prepare for their holidays, start to wind down a bit, and get to know their families again. The back room staff I am sure (I am not, but never let that get in the way of an opinion) busy clearing down and getting ready for pre-season training.

The close season is full of people with a living to make out of gossip, other people’s misfortune, other people’s uncertainties, other people’s lives, other people’s joy.  Then there are the people who like to speculate on that gossip. Who like to pull apart the rumour, and make it bigger or smaller.

I don’t like it, and I won’t buy into it. I won’t read the websites, I won’t read the forums, I won’t get dragged into it all on Twitter (yeah right, of course I will).  BUT (Mother Hen alert!) I will worry about people leaving the club  who don’t have another club to go to. What about their families? How worried must they be? I know that footballers get paid reasonably well, and I know that they know about the uncertainty when they choose this as a career, but come on, it can’t be fun for them or their families to know that life as they knew it has changed. I also know that the Club cannot keep them all on, even if it wanted to. Those who stop playing and who remain involved know how lucky they are and appreciate the chance they have been given.

So what now? Well, while we wait to find out how much a Season Ticket will be next year, and rumours abound about the friendlies we may or may not play before the start of the season proper, I can be found reading the club web site, watching Twitter, digging the garden, blogging, waiting for a fresh season to start and not speculating over who may or may not leave/join our club.

PS: If you get any good gossip……………..

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