#Post40Bloggers – yes we are out there!

A little while ago I asked Kate of@Iamwitwitwoo fame, if she knew of any older bloggers I could follow.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the blogs I follow already, and really enjoy reading about other peoples young children, learning how things have changed, and adding my scant knowledge or support as and where I can (I am sure I suffer from mild Mother Hen syndrome!!) but I was looking for people of a similar age to me. Middle fifties, with children who have practically left home (one gone, t’other more gone than home), perhaps changing careers, or building new businesses, learning new skills.

Kate, star that she is, came up with @Countrywives  and from there I have now found this initiative starting up! Talk about Serendipity! I have already increased my blog follows – this has resulted in a long overdue sort out of my email inbox! and am looking forward to making new ‘virtual’ friends.

So begins a new experience, a revitalisation, new ideas. A learning curve.  I am at the stage where I don’t know what I don’t know, therefore, I don’t know what I need to learn. Today already I have learned about forwarding email addresses from a blog.

Do I want to write reviews on products? as I laughingly said to Kate, I could always review incontinence pads! I have never done it before and I doubt I have enough of a social media presence to be of any interest, but you never know, I certainly have opinions on things!

Us older bloggers have a lot to offer, many of us have both time and money (not a lot, the bank of mum and dad never shuts it seems!) and a willingness to try new things.

There we have it, my take on the #Post40bloggers thing. I can’t wait.

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9 Responses to #Post40Bloggers – yes we are out there!

  1. You may find that quite a few of us #Post40bloggers are nowhere near having kids that are flying the nest. I’m 46 and my son will be 5 later in the year. Will be lovely to discover some other blogs though, written by people of a similar age.


  2. I am enjoying reading your blog and your adventures with Monkey, and am aware that there are many older mums with younger children. Having said that, I am looking forward to finding out if other bloggers have lives similar to mine, if they are treading the fine line that becoming a Mother in Law is, or how to cope with student children coming home and then leaving again. It is all going on somewhere! I have found lots of new blogs to read, which have led me on to other ones, so the journey I am embarking on is great!


  3. Please let me know when you’re reviewing incontinence pads *asking for a friend* 😉 Lovely post and a fantastic idea. I’ve found so many blogs speaking about things I completely associate with, it’s lovely. Best of luck with it and let me know if I can help with anything x


  4. sosusie says:


    Finally getting round to checking out people I’ve come across via Twitter (as I’m on my computer rather than my phone) and the Post40Bloggers idea. Loving your blog so far and looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    I’ve been looking for blogs written by people of a similar age to me, 42, or at least who are older than twentysomething. I’m particularly interested in people who are going out, doing things, trying new things, going on adventures etc and I suppose that means that they have grownup children or, they don’t have any children. It does seem quite hard to find them though. I’m absolutely in love with the blog ‘Manger’ which is so much more than the food blog that it could be mistaken for.

    I am in a similar position to you though, I’ve one child who has just finished university and returned home and another who is still at university – as I type they are both (along with a friend of one of theirs) lolling on the sofas, watching tv!

    All the best

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  5. I pressed the wrong button!! Such a long comment. I have found so many interesting blogs to read, we have just come back from a week away to the dishwasher going round, and a suspicously tidy house, am not complaining – just very grateful!!


  6. neostrim.kz says:

    Hi, the whole thing is going fine here and ofcourse every one is sharing information, that’s genuinely fine, keep up writing.


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