I still won’t be renewing my AFCB Season Ticket – a follow up post

On the 28th May I wrote a post about my season ticket renewal and about why I wouldn’t be renewing it. It got a lot of traffic (for my blog anyway!) and was mentioned on the Vitals forum, and in Cherry Chimes – I also got a lot of support from Twitter, as well as some questioning my support for the Club (we are friends now!). Someone at my husband’s work even asked him if it was me who had written it!

I was astonished to see that this particular post has started to attract views again, and went off to see if I could find out why. It appears that with the approaching where season ticket holders have to renew their tickets, the season ticket thread on Vitals has been re-energised. So I bI would update those who may be interested in my feelings now!!

Despite the concerns about Financial Fair Play rules and at the time of writing how much exactly AFCB will get from the sale of Lallana to Liverpool (via a sell on clause), and despite the leaving of Lewis Grabban to Norwich, and the anxiety of will any other players leave (please, please, not Steve Cook), despite the excitement of new signings, two at the time of writing. Stanislas from Burnley  (nice to see one coming back!) and Gosling (from Newcastle) with potentially a couple more if the rumour mill is to be believed, and despite the fixture list coming out and tantalising the football tastebuds, I am sticking with my decision.

I will be honest, I have wavered. I have teetered on the edge of giving in and going to renew. I look at the fixtures, and my diary and realise that I will be better off financially if I don’t buy a season ticket. I am already planning weekends away around the away fixtures, and am looking forward to those home games I can make. I am not particularly interested in Cup games if I am brutally honest, although I do have a passing interest in the FA Cup (why oh why did they move the Kick Off from 3pm? it is ALWAYS 3pm ). I am also looking forward to sitting in other stands around the ground. I loved knowing who I sat with in the North Stand, but I am looking forward to meeting new people and working out if I would rather sit somewhere else in the Ground.

I am going to try and remember to keep a note of which games I do go to and work out if I do end up needing a season ticket next season!


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3 Responses to I still won’t be renewing my AFCB Season Ticket – a follow up post

  1. Rosemary Thomas says:

    Glad Bournemouth are getting some money (lots!) from the sale of Lallana. We’re very disappointed here in Southampton at the sale of decent players, and manager, as soon as we make progress. Do contracts mean nothing?! Also I feel it was very sneaky of Saints to sell season tickets at a greatly increased price on last seasons results, before losing the manager and half the best players. Sadly football has become purely a business, pricing itself out of reach of many fans.


    • Although I am not a Saints fan, I do keep an eye out for them, and I too am disappointed for the fans that those who appear to be their best players having gone. It is such a shame, I wonder how things would have been different if Mr Liebehrr (?sp) hadn’t so sadly passed away. His daughter though seems to be a different kettle of fish. Time will tell I guess!
      I was amazed at the amount of money we got, for what was essentially spotting a child talent, and some clever contract writing. Nevertheless, it is a welcome boost to the coffers.
      I couldn’t agree more about football is purely a business. There is little loyalty or understanding towards fans it seems, and it gets worse the higher up the leagues your team gets it seems.
      Our cut of day was yesterday for renewals and I so nearly caved in!
      Thank you for your comment, it means a lot.


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