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 Today on Twitter The Fairy Blogmother posed a question.  I can’t figure out how to show the Tweet in this blog post so you can read the Tweet for yourself here. 

I had seen a similar request from her before, but I didn’t have the time to answer her then. I did today. I said that in my Learning about Blogging I was at the bottom of my learning curve. In the matrix below I am so very definitely at stage 1.

I can’t move on to stage 2 yet. I don’t know everything that I need to know so that I can learn how to do it!

There are some things that I see on other blogs that I would like to know how to do, and  @nortonmum has very kindly come to the rescue with one of them. Linkys. I don’t know what they are good for, if they are a good idea, if I should join in, or leave well alone.

I see interesting side bars, adverts (I don’t want those), what is the difference between self hosted or not, different themes. People talk about stats and page views. I look at them, I don’t understand them – but, I am not sure I want to. I know that they are growing slowly, and that is fine. I blog mostly for myself. I like to share (can you tell?) and I am working on a new blog about my photography (but that is not ready for the world yet). If by my writing about ‘stuff’ I can help someone else along the way then great.

I don’t see myself as a blogger who goes to blogging conferences or who is nominated for awards, I don’t do craft, gardening, fashion, make-up (what is that?), lifestyle, cookery, photography or travel. I do a mix of all of those things.

As an older blogger, I find that I am sometimes beset by the thought that nobody wants to read about my stuff. I find that by reading  other blogs many people feel the same, so that is OK!

So, my blogging followers, and Twitter friends. What do you think I need to know about blogging? You can read what I have written so far by having a rummage through the place. Constructive criticism is welcome as are ideas!
I look forward to reading your ideas….