The Blogging Learning Curve


 Today on Twitter The Fairy Blogmother posed a question.  I can’t figure out how to show the Tweet in this blog post so you can read the Tweet for yourself here. 

I had seen a similar request from her before, but I didn’t have the time to answer her then. I did today. I said that in my Learning about Blogging I was at the bottom of my learning curve. In the matrix below I am so very definitely at stage 1.

I can’t move on to stage 2 yet. I don’t know everything that I need to know so that I can learn how to do it!

There are some things that I see on other blogs that I would like to know how to do, and  @nortonmum has very kindly come to the rescue with one of them. Linkys. I don’t know what they are good for, if they are a good idea, if I should join in, or leave well alone.

I see interesting side bars, adverts (I don’t want those), what is the difference between self hosted or not, different themes. People talk about stats and page views. I look at them, I don’t understand them – but, I am not sure I want to. I know that they are growing slowly, and that is fine. I blog mostly for myself. I like to share (can you tell?) and I am working on a new blog about my photography (but that is not ready for the world yet). If by my writing about ‘stuff’ I can help someone else along the way then great.

I don’t see myself as a blogger who goes to blogging conferences or who is nominated for awards, I don’t do craft, gardening, fashion, make-up (what is that?), lifestyle, cookery, photography or travel. I do a mix of all of those things.

As an older blogger, I find that I am sometimes beset by the thought that nobody wants to read about my stuff. I find that by reading  other blogs many people feel the same, so that is OK!

So, my blogging followers, and Twitter friends. What do you think I need to know about blogging? You can read what I have written so far by having a rummage through the place. Constructive criticism is welcome as are ideas!
I look forward to reading your ideas….

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2 Responses to The Blogging Learning Curve

  1. Hi Hilary, what a heart-felt post! Learning how to blog is a life-long experience, and should be enjoyable. I had to teach myself, but at least you have the opportunity to learn from others.

    Incidentally, here’s my post about how to show tweets in your blog post: – enjoy!

    I wouldn’t worry about your stats and page views, as long as they are increasing. There is nothing more demoralising than watching them drop. But since this is a blog, at least you are protected from the rigours required to maintain a healthy readership, as most of it is done by WordPress for you via its Reader.

    Enjoy blogging, and let this show in your posts. This will make them attractive to new readers, as well as your existing audience. Everybody likes to read stuff that comes from the heart, so let your passion shine through!


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