My Favourite thing in the House

So, this weeks writing prompt for Post40Bloggers is to write about my favourite thing in my house.

As I sit here with the lights out and thinking about the start of World War 1, the current conflicts all over the world, especially Gaza, I realise my favourite thing is my Front Door.

It isn’t a special door, no fancy paint, or knockers, stained glass. It is just a door. So why is it my favourite thing I hear you ask?

My front door is a barrier or a portal depending on my mood. I can go through it to the outside world, to adventures, to work, to the Doctor or the hospital, to other parts of the world. All freely, without hinderance, without fear, knowing that my home will be waiting for me to return.
I can come back through my door, to warmth, to security, to entertainment, to my family, to communications, without fear, without hinderance.

I have this because other people gave their lives, freely, for me and other people.

Thank you, because of you I can have a favourite thing in my home.

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