My Falconry Photography Experience

What a day, I have been so excited, and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. I had booked a Falconry Photo Experience Package via Amazon Local. Bargain price, and local to me!

The venue was here, and after checking the weather forecast I set off with my camera, tripod and a variety of lenses, spare batteries and memory cards in my bag. I had a couple of other things on today as well, we had a friend come in to clean the oven for me (he works for Ovenu) and I came home to what  seemed like a brand new oven! I also had to drop some paperwork in to a couple of places in town, so I was a bit pushed for time! Nevertheless, I got there – phew!  

We had a very small group of us, which was great, and Keith explained the itineray for the session. 

The first bird out was a female Kestrel. She was beautiful. I got some great shots, and some duff ones too!!

female kestrel

Female Kestrel, out of focus and badly exposed.

Female Kestrel

Same bird, much better. Focused and exposed better.

Then the Barn Owl came out. This is one of my favourite birds. They just have something about them that I love.

completely the wrong shutter speed here!

completely the wrong shutter speed here!

The falconer let her fly from tree to tree, and at one point he called her to him over our heads. I was so gobsmacked as she flew inches from my head I didn’t even take a photograph. It was amazing. The falconer laughed at me, and then made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. He handed me the glove, gave me some meat to hold and called her. She flew to my hand!! Such a special moment, made even better by the fact that someone picked up my camera and took some shots.

Barn Owl

Can you tell I am thrilled?

I did get a good one of the Barn Owl myself!

Barn Owl

Isn’t she gorgeous?

The day got better, with a Tawny Owl. Such a fidgit. He didn’t keep still for long, but by now I was getting kind of into the swing of it, and I took this shot. I was thrilled with it. 

tawny owl

Playing peek-a-boo

I won’t bore you with all the other birds we saw and photographed, they included a Peregrine Falcon, a Hobby Falcon, a Siberian Eagle Owl, a Ghyr Falcon, and then finally a Golden Eagle. She had a sad story, but is now living with someone who knows what he is doing with her, and who has the time, skill and patience to repair the wrong that someone else dealt her and the male bird who was rescued with her. She was spectacular. My photographs will not do her justice. Her neck feathers look like they are painted on! 

Golden Eagle

Look at those neck feathers!

I had a fabulous day, and I would love to go back. I could watch these birds all day long and never take a photograph, but what an experience. Highly recommended. I must swot up on my settings before I do it again though……

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