Back to School

As I read all the back to school tweets, and blogs, it takes me back to when I had children who at School. It is scary to realise that my eldest child started his school journey in 1994.  Times and education have changed a lot since then. Teachers have come and gone. Education ministers have come and gone. The feelings of being a parent though remain the same.

I can vividly recall that first morning at school. My worries about how he would settle, would he enjoy it, the preparation for starting, buying school shoes, uniform and bits and bobs. The getting up, the making sure he was clean, pressed, smart, fed, had everything he needed!

Then there were two to get ready to return to school. A bit more manic in the morning. The inevitable arguments about 3 weeks after the return when they don’t want to go in, won’t get dressed (I used to put them in the car with their uniform and tell them if they weren’t dressed by the time we got to school they would be going into school in their pyjamas! Always worked.)

Then the move up the Schools, especially to Secondary School. Lots more to remember, more responsibility for the children to take on themselves. All the while trying to juggle with the journey to work.

Then the move out, to University. The strangest back to school experience for parents. Especially and perhaps even more so when they come home for the holidays with what seems like half a house to fit into your own home in readiness for their return the following year.

The purpose of this post is to tell you all that you and your children will indeed survive this experience. That as the years go by you will intend to become wise and get ready long before the day before, but it rarely happens, that the homework for the holidays is there somewhere (never did understand the rationale behind that!) and will it really matter if it isn’t done? no, especially if you have had a wonderful time with your child/ren.

I read all the tweets and facebook posts, the blogs, and I miss that feeling. I miss the rush and the grumbles, the exasperation, the trying to find the money for the new uniform. Enjoy it, it doesn’t last for ever.

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