What do you mean I have to wear a hat??

I have to wear a hat! Me, a hat. The two are mutually exclusive. The last hat I wore (almost) willingly was a riding hat. That was a necessity if I wanted to ride the horse.

I was pinning my hopes on the Mother of the Bride refusing to wear a hat. She let me down. I received a tweet from my future Daughter in Law to tell me so, and that my son had found a hat for me to wear.

Think David Shilling or My Fair Lady (the Ascot Scenes) and you will get the picture.

  Royal Ascot 17.6.09 Pic:Edward Whitaker Mrs Florence Claridge of London with a hat designed by David Shilling

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This is the image I was sent. I have no idea where it is from so I can’t credit it. But, OMG!! There is no way I can wear something like this! Those who know me would just die of laughter!

I did have a fun idea today, perhaps myself and the Mother of the Bride could take a selection of fancy dress hats and wear those during the day? What do you think? (Joke hand up – obvs! I wouldn’t ruin their day)

On the other hand this request has served to focus my brain on something else other than trying to sell our house and find somewhere else to live. I have to do something about my hair style, my nails, and my skin which have all been woefully neglected over the years. I need a miracle, but I have 18 months in which to work on it.
Please tell me that is not too late!

So, ideas needed folks, what sort of hat does a lady wear to her son’s wedding these days? co-ordinated with the frock? or completely different?
Where do you even buy a hat these days???



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2 Responses to What do you mean I have to wear a hat??

  1. I don’t suit ‘occasion’ hats, maybe just wear something in your hair.


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