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When you have children you don’t expect that they will move away from home and set up their own home in a County miles away from you, where you can’t help them as easily as if they lived round the corner. This is what my eldest son did. He left home after going to University to set up home with the girl of his dreams. Ironically or perhaps spookily, he ended up in the City of my birth. Leicester. It is hours away from us, and despite regular contact, I feel like I miss out on so much. This is one of those times. I want to help so much, and I don’t know how to.  So, I am turning to you. Not many people read my blog, but maybe someone will, who can make a difference.

My wonderful eldest son and his equally wonderful fiancee have entered a competition ( yes, youngest son, you are wonderful too…..) to win a wedding.

Aren’t they lovely? Charlotte is a wonderful girl and he is lucky to have found her!

Ton and Charlotte met while he was at University, in Cardiff, their long distance romance lasted the test of time, and as soon as he found a job in Leicester he was off. They moved into a small rented flat and started saving for a home of their own. With a little help from the Bank of Mum and Dad they were able to get a deposit together and having arranged a mortgage they now have their own two bed place. They are now saving for a budget wedding, and have a date set. Both families have watched with pride as they have started out on their life together. They are both very happy, and I hope with all my heart they have as long and happy marriage as I have had.

However, their local newspaper the Leicester Mercury is holding a competition to win £10,000 worth of wedding prizes. This would mean that they can bring their wedding forward by a year. They have to try and collect more votes and coupons than the other couples, who are all trying to do the same thing. I am still getting over the shock of them entering!

If you follow me on Twitter or on Facebook then you will have noticed a flurry of activity around this very subject on my timeline! A friend actually suggested I blog about this in the hope that maybe my readers may have friends in Leicester who would be willing to save coupons and vote. The thing is this.

Tom and Charlotte live in Leicester. We (his parents) live in Hampshire. Funnily enough the Leicester Mercury doesn’t sell in the local shops down here. My family (what is left of it) lives in Sussex, Buckinghamshire, Worcestershire …. well you get the picture. Not many places where you can buy the Leicester Mercury. As my sister put it “voting is going to be a challenge!”

We can vote online, via Facebook, but apparently there is a limit of 30 votes per couple. I can understand why, but it is a tad frustrating, when we don’t live where we can buy the paper. If you would like to vote online for them please use this link here.

So, my plea is this.
If you live in the Leicester Mercury circulation area, please would you consider buying the paper, clipping and saving the coupons, and especially the extra vote coupons, and then sending them in?

This is the form you are looking for in the Leicester Mercury

Help Tom & Charlotte Win a Wedding with The Leicester Mercury All you need to do is buy the Mercury as many times as you can until the start of November and vote for couple number 1059 (them)! The more times you get the voting coupon the bigger chance they have of winning! 

If you have friends or family who could help with this we would be very grateful.

Well, they will be, meantime, I will be on a starvation diet so I can get a wedding outfit and a hat and you already know my feelings on that subject if you read this post!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart if you are able to help them.