Moving house

We had decided that we are in a fortunate enough position to stop work and to enjoy a few years of spending our kids inheritance before we draw our pensions. So, we spent a bit of money on refreshing, decluttering and turning our home of 20 years into a house for sale.

We had 3 estate agents round to value it, and kicked one straight into touch when he felt our home was worth 100k less than we did! Turns out we were right and he was wrong!
The problem with living somewhere for so long and working in the area is that you get to know so many people. We placed the house on the market with 2 agents we knew and waited.

People came and went, for some it wasn’t big enough, for others it was too big, some felt the garden would be too much for them, others wanted more land. Some people said it was too far out from town, others not far enough. One person (without any children) said it was in the wrong catchment area for her preferred school….

Anyway, after a while we decided to reduce the price a small amount, and discussed between us our absolute bottom figure.

We had an offer. Below our minimum figure by some way. These people had viewed our house before we reduced it, but chose to buy elsewhere. That fell through, and so they returned to ours. They had sold theirs and a chain was building.

We had always said that we could move out into the motorhome, if the price was right, and a quick sale was needed.  This turned out to be the case in this instance. A lot of hard negotiating was done, and we could almost taste the freedom of no more work.

Then it got personal. The buyers took liberties when going round our home ostensibly to measure up for carpets and curtains.  We got upset (very) and it ruined our wedding anniversary holiday. Suffice to say that things got very icy.

The sale moved on, and after exchange, and just the afternoon before completion, we were advised that our buyers wanted certain items (not mentioned previously) removing from the property…. A lot of swearing, a few favours pulled in, hubby did it. We moved our possessions out the day before completion (I was still at work) and hubby was dealing with the removals, because a hard frost was forecast we left the heating on overnight, and I went back to turn it all off and read the meters. To cap it all, a trailer (that wasn’t ours) was on OUR drive! Mmmm, visit to the Estate Agents to ask for it to be moved. After all, we hadn’t completed, they hadn’t asked permission and they had upset us badly.  Sounds petty writing about it now, but at the time, it made perfect sense.

SO, completion. House sold.  We are now living in our Motorhome for two weeks. The weather has been mixed to say the least. One night last week there were winds of 90mph. We did wonder as we lay awake in bed, if perhaps we should get up and get dressed, just in case. We didn’t get a lot of sleep that night. The wifi signal is unpredictable, so one night we went to MacDonalds to use theirs. Never again! Stoopid teenage girls who think it is funny to smash curry sauce tubs and see how far the contents spread regardless of other people (all up my husband’s coat) and the noise was horrendous. Trying to keep up with the paperwork and the emails from the solicitors while working or while without wifi has proved tricky, but not impossible.

The campsite is Hurst View, I am sure it is lovely in the summer, it is very nice in the winter! The laundry room is great, I am up to date on the washing and drying which is fortunate, and as I type I can see a beautiful sunset out of the windows. Hear the geese and ducks as they begin to settle for the night. I think it will be cold tonight, but the motorhome is toasty warm, so that is OK.

The property we are buying? Oh, yes, problems there too . Something our solicitor picked up. I don’t understand it. All I know is that the people we are buying from are probably thinking we are the buyers from hell, and we aren’t, honest. We want to buy their house, we love their house. Fingers crossed it will go through this week. We finish work this week too. Then we trek upcountry to Lincolnshire, and settle into a new house, new town, and begin a new way of life.

None of this could have been achieved without friends. Friends who have listened and talked through our plans with us from their infancy to fruition, friends who have helped us pack, friends who have offered us beds, showers, washing machines, wifi, and friends who are taking in our post for us until we know when and where we are going to. We couldn’t have done it without you, and I certainly wouldn’t be in one piece without you all. You know who you are. We are looking forward to seeing you all at our new home.

We have a holiday booked in the sun in January. I reckon we will need it!

Normal blogging service will be resumed soon.

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7 Responses to Moving house

  1. Moving house is so very stressful. I hope you will be in the new place v soon. Sounds like you have exciting plans


  2. Helen Renouf says:

    Congratulations on your gap year – you are both great people, you deserve the next adventure… I am sure you will find some amazing new friends to add to your collection, the view of Hurst will await your return I am sure … and I am looking forward to the photo opportunities in your new area….

    May 2015 be the start of an amazing adventure, fresh opportunities and fun together.


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    • Hi Kelsey, thanks for the thought. I am not at all sure that this is right for my blog at the moment. I am starting to drift in a different direction and my blog has only ever been about what I have done or am doing rather than other people.
      Thanks again


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