Finally, we are in!

Well, since I last blogged the world as I know it has changed. We have moved into our new home. We have unpacked SO many boxes, learned about wheelie bins, met new neighbours, found the HWRC (Household Waste Recycling Centre) to  get rid of the cardboard boxes and been shopping. We moved in on 22nd December, and Christmas lunch in our new home was expected to be egg and chips, but thanks to sterling efforts by Hubby and our two sons and Future DIL we managed to get most stuff unpacked and put away so that by Christmas Eve we felt able to brave the Supermarket and buy the essentials for a Christmas lunch. We had cheated a bit and eaten out in a local pub for the first couple of nights! The landlady told us that she had just moved in and taken over too!

I think I am going to like Grantham! In this new (to us) town everyone seems very friendly.  We went to Sainsburys, not a shop we normally use and we had to queue to get into the car park, however, they had staff out in the car park pointing out where the spaces were, and there were lots. Into the store, and although it was busy (very) people were very accommodating towards each other. We had said it would take how long it takes, and yes we did have to wait for the tills, but people were friendly, talkative, and happy to chat.  Dinner and a few treats bought we went home.

So, Christmas Day was spent mostly chilling, figuring out how to use the dishwasher and trying to find things in the kitchen!

The boys were off to Bournemouth to watch the football on Boxing Day, pick up one of our cars and bring back some plants. I was hoping to go too, but a shortage of tickets and a vast amount of work to do in the new house meant I stayed at home, following the game on Twitter.  About 6pm it started to snow….

About 8pm it was snowing even harder. I rang to let the drivers know. Eldest son was going straight home and Hubby and youngest son were in the car to be brought back, a Polo. Eldest son texted me about 9pm and said “Are they home yet?” – panic started to rise as I checked Twitter for news about travel conditions.

Several phonecalls from the Polo later it emerged that they were on the A1, driving in 2nd gear at about 10mph, but making progress. They finally arrived at just gone  midnight. We didn’t unpack the car that night!

We still have more plants to collect.

I have had enough of moving house. I do not want to do it again, and certainly never ever near Christmas!

It has taken the best part of two weeks to get the internet back up and working, and I have managed to use all the allowances on my phone with 15 days to go before they are reset.  Still, back to blogging, and my adventures in my new home and new location!

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