Meeting new people.

So this week has been a mixture of work and pleasure. We are still unpacking boxes, and trying to come to terms with the huge decision we made to stop work and relocate.
We have been trying to find a new GP, dentist, and so on.
We have been going through paperwork relating to the old house to make sure that all the accounts have been closed and that we have had the monies refunded we are due and then shredding old documentation.

Then the highlight. On Saturday we went to Rotherham. It was only an hour away, so we had a much quicker journey than most other AFC Bournemouth fans. The weather to travel in was appalling, and quite sleety at some points. Yet, when we arrived it was dry, and the clouds began to clear. We found parking very close to the ground and for only £2. We walked to the ground and bought our tickets, and then discovered (having gone inside) that none of us had any cash to speak of with us. My solitary fiver wasn’t going to buy 3 teas let alone pies as well. Luckily MrN had cooked a breakfast for us all before we left, so we weren’t hungry.

Silly girly point here, why can’t football grounds do cash back? or take cards? Also, I loved the New York Stadium ladies loos. Nice and clean, and a little red and white fresh flower arrangement on the sinks. Nice touch.

On the way in to the ground, the stewards were friendly, and also on the way out – surprising really considering we beat them 1-5.

The game itself, the first half was one of muddled passing, missed chances (how did Stanislas miss that?) and then Super Shaun Macdonald. A long time since I have seen him play, and I have missed him. He brought us level just before half term. As the teams went in for the break I wondered if we would get it together in the second half. I was not disappointed.  A further 4 goals, a heartbroken Rotherham goal keeper, and our fans asking for a sixth goal.

As we left the ground I was moving very stiffly, it was very cold and I had been sat too long. Sod that. What a result. Just had to wait until Monday to see who we get in the 4th round. (We got a Premiership team – Aston Villa) and now the wait for tickets to go on sale.

If you want a better review of the game I suggest you check out Cherry Chimes Blog he writes much more fully than I do!

Then back to reality. More shopping to buy silly bits like light bulbs, getting prescriptions and the normal humdrum. I am looking forward to discovering more about where I am living now. Tomorrow I am visiting a Camera Club, and I am also hooking up with the local Scout Active Support Unit later in the month so I am hoping to meet new people and make friends.

Have you moved into a new area? How did you make friends?

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2 Responses to Meeting new people.

  1. Helen says:

    Can’t wait to hear how you get on with your scout active support and the camera club… sounds like an exciting few days – Go you!

    And the loo’s… what a different a good loo makes 🙂


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