Harry – A Man Walks Onto A Pitch – A Book Review


If you read this post, you will know that my husband doesn’t read a lot. You will also know that he bought a couple of books at the airport on our way to Lanzarote.

The second book was this one. I read it before he did. He is such a slow reader! He was still reading Running With The Firm. I had read my books that I had bought, and was casting around for something else (this was before I discovered the pile of books in the villa).

Not really a football anorak,  I nevertheless have heard of Harry Redknapp, and his association with AFC Bournemouth the club I support. Plus he has a rather dishy son Jamie who I think is looking and sounding more like his Dad every day – but I digress.

I don’t know what I thought this book would be about, perhaps stories of Harry’s time as a player, a manager, his time in court. Well, a bit of the first two, none of the last.

The format of the book is Harry picking a team of players for each decade he has been involved in football and thrown in alongside his reasons for his picks are a few stories along the way.

I suprised myself. I had heard of a lot of the players in the Fifties squad (watch it! I am NOT that old!), and of course I knew all the players in the Sixties squad. The Seventies I knew a lot, but the Eighties passed me by although I recognise 8 of the players he chose. From there to the Premier League – again I knew a lot of the names (but having two sons and a football mad husband were to blame here). it

What I loved about this book was that I could almost hear Harry telling the stories, it was a bit like when you are a kid and you sit and listen to your grandad telling stories of your parents when they were little. I loved his take on where football has gone wrong with the youngsters today, and to an extent I think I agree with him.

The stories about his playing days, and his time in management are well told. This is a book that anyone who has an interest in football and stories would enjoy.

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