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Those of you who follow my blog know that we have recently moved home and that we have made the decision to stop work and just ‘chill’. Lucky us. I know. However, it has been six weeks now since we moved and I thought an update may be of interest.

So far I have cried – tears are coming far too easily at the moment, am I spiralling downwards again? I do hope not.

So far I have laughed, but not very much.

So far I have missed friends (one of whom is away in Australia) the other I should pick up the phone and ring.  I promised to write, proper handwritten letters. Where has the time gone? I should do it. I will do it.

So far I have been brave by going out when I would so much rather not,  I want to do things in my time, not when my husband thinks he wants to do them, or thinks they should be done, oh and why oh why, just when I settle down to do something on the laptop does he suddenly need me for just a minute? Usually to hold something or fetch something or look at something.

So far I have shopped for stuff when I would rather stay indoors – see above!

So far I have joined just one club, the local camera club. That is a whole blog post on its own. They have a members photos night this week, I have found photographs to take too. I have to join in sometime, might as well be this week.

So far I have got lost trying to find my way around my new town, but once I had cried, I pulled myself together and followed my nose.

So far I have felt lost – have we done the right thing? Really? Honestly? Time will tell, but it is great being so close to our sons, and we can go away without needing to take time off work which is great. We are away on our travels next week again!

So far I have felt lonely – very, but, I have met only friendly people, people always seem to have time to chat here.

So far we have completed two spare rooms so people can stay – and we have people coming to stay too!

So far I have been brave, I wrote this post.

A move to a new area is tough.