In the Garden today

In our old garden we had the usual suspects, blackbirds, blue tits, magpies and so on.
Since I had been putting fatballs out on the trees I noticed a gang of birds who hung around together. Big, black, intimidating, they drove the others away. Except for the pigeons who hung around on the ground for titbits.

Two jackdaws and a couple of crows visited the fat balls on a regular basis. The crows clung on grimly to the feeder and tore chunks off the balls, they drop them to the ground and the jackdaws ate great lumps. The seeds that were left, the pigeons ate.

One morning, I emptied some suet nibbles onto the garden, both front and back and watched what happened.

In the back garden the magpies came  straight in, ate their fill and disappeared, then the jackdaws and a single crow landed. They finished everything that was on the floor. The pigeons came in and finished off what was in trays at height.
I continued to feed the birds in that garden and I hope that the new householders do too.

We moved home. Some weeks afterward I set up the bird feeders. Hoping against hope that I wouldn’t be swamped by pigeons and crows.  I was delighted to see several robins visiting, followed by Blue Tits and Great Tits. A couple of Long Tailed Tits make an occasional appearance, and then a small Tit I didn’t recognise. A scrambled search through the book shelf to find a bird book, and it was a Coal Tit. We have seen him several times since then! I have also had Goldfinches, and Chaffinches visit the feeders as well. We have also seen wrens, blackbirds and thrushes in the garden.

Delightedly, there have been no visits from Crows or Jackdaws, although the pigeons do visit on a regular basis. and I shoo them off. The funniest thing was watching a pigeon circle the ground small bird feeder trying to work out how to get at the food! If he circled it once he circled it ten times.

I am so pleased that we have such a variety of birds visiting,  and by using a variety of foods I hope to increase the variety of birds. Sadly, no photos as the birds are very skittish at the moment. I hope to be able to take some soon!

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