A Love of Learning

This week I am taking inspiration from @Post40Bloggers and this weeks writing prompt is Write a Letter to a Former Teacher. This isn’t a letter though. It is more a ramble through my learning years!

I couldn’t pick one out to write to, I tried, but I can’t remember my Infant School teachers. I can remember more about the teachers I didn’t have in Junior School than the teachers I did have.

I went to three secondary Schools. The first, we had a teacher called Bomber Richmond. If he didn’t think you were paying attention during his English lesson then a piece of chalk or a blackboard rubber came flying your way and landed on your desk. He was accurate. He never hit a pupil. Always got the desk. Didn’t matter if you were at the front, back or side of the room!

The second was a Grammar School. We had moved home to a different County and my Dad had managed to get me into the Grammar School. Streamed lessons and Latin. WTF was that? I had never heard of it, let alone studied it. Mr Enoch was given the task of teaching me. Because I was one whole year behind my classmates I was given a different set of books and way of translating and learning the language. He was a great teacher. I loved Latin and learned quickly. It has been so useful through the years, both at home and  in my foreign travels as I can decipher the meaning of words using my now very rusty Latin.

Sadly, only one year there before the Grammar School was merged with a local Secondary and a new teacher came on the scene. Mr Fairburn. We treated him very badly, and for that I am ashamed. I didn’t take part, but I did nothing to stop it either. He was what would now be called an NQT. This was 40 years ago. The louder characters in the class ran riot. He didn’t last long, and we heard on the grapevine that he had a nervous breakdown. I am not proud of that episode. Other teachers from that time that stay in my memory are the Art teacher Mrs Thompson and her Golden Retriever Jamie who used to sit in the classroom. Mr Stevens who could never get me to understand Maths. Mr Shakeshaft with his enormous eyebrows. Mr Wilson who could be so easily distracted from the subject in hand.

I have always had a love of learning though. I have done courses in many different things. Some for work, some for pleasure. My most recent experience was taking part in an A level photography course with 16 year olds where I used to work. A scary experience, but sadly I only got to take the AS level, the School closed before I could take the A2. I got a B grade though. I was thrilled!

I wasn’t fortunate enough to go to University. I think I would have loved it. I plan to do an online degree at some point in the near future. I love learning. I love a certificate too. It shows I did it! I am torn between several subjects though. I am enjoying my Photography, but I am also interested in English Literature, Creative Writing (for me, I am not disciplined enough to write a book!), History, and the Evolution of the English Language. So, I need to make a decision as to what to study.

What would you study and why? I would love to hear your ideas. Who knows, you might even give me different ideas of what to study.

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