Out and About

This past week or two we have been out and about a lot more.  I have joined the library (after a false start because their computer systems were down due to an update). The library is in a local shopping centre and up stairs, hidden away. No wonder footfall is down. I can take up to 30 items out at a time. How do people manage to carry 30 books in one go? No idea. Especially down stairs. There is apparently wheelchair access (which I don’t need) but I couldn’t see it, so who knows how someone who does use a chair would find it.

We also went and got our eyes tested. We both need new glasses and I am going to try contact lenses once again. I have my free trial next week. I have been testing what I look like without my glasses on, and I find it strange! Still, if I go for it, I will post photos on here so you can see which you prefer.

This week we have been hosting my husband’s Aunt. She is very recently widowed, so we offered for her to come and stay for as long or as short a time as she wished. We made sure we went out every day, she enjoyed looking round our new home, and the surroundings. Both our boys made a point of coming over to see her, which I think she appreciated.  While here, she bought a rail card so that she can come and visit us more often. Our youngest son showed her how to buy her ticket on line and how to collect it at the station.  She even went topless while here. No, not that sort of topless! My OH took her out in the little Mazda convertible we have with the top off!! A first for her, but she loved it.

Topless in the car!

We also ventured out to Melton Mowbray market. A vibrant market with many different stalls. On the way back we spotted a Barn Owl in a tree. I took some photos, but totally had the wrong lens on the camera so didn’t get a worthwhile shot. However, on occasions like this you have to savour the occasion. Make the most of seeing the uncommon sights. Pin the memory to your brain. I will never forget it.

We also took a wander into Grantham itself. The Mid Lent fair was on and it took up quite a lot of room. Some of the rides were not located particularly well and while sitting in a local teashop I saw mobility scooters and pedestrians having to around them. It will be interesting to see what happens next year.

I am looking forward to another event which is coming up locally soon. The Belton International Horse Trials are being held at Belton House 17th -19th April and I will be going along with my camera to see if I can take any decent photos of horses in action! Watch this space!

We are going to continue to explore the area and I will post occasionally on what we discover!

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3 Responses to Out and About

  1. Helen Renouf says:

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3013156/Cafe-owner-says-taken-ride-fairground-attraction-erected-just-inches-door.html – I see what you mean by the mid lent fair taking up a lot of room – it made the Daily Mail this morning … I am guessing you were not sat in this tea shop!

    The photo of your aunt and your hubby is a lovely one – glad she enjoyed going topless!!!


  2. Ninjacat says:

    Love that area x love the picture such fun


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