A bit of a Political Rant today

I have had enough.

I have had enough of career politicians. Of people who are only in politics for what they can get out of it for themselves.  Of the back biting, the bitching, the nastiness, the money wasting on political broadcasting, phampleteering, leafleting, careering up and down the country in helicopters and buses.

My Dad always impressed on me the importance of voting. Quite rightly, he said that good men and women had died making sure that we could vote and that for women in particular, it is even more important.

He also said that there was no such thing as a good political party. That they take it in turns to mess up the country by undoing the good stuff the  previous elected government had done, before rushing through stuff which the next elected lot would then undo.

I have been following this election on Twitter, on TV and in the papers. I cannot for the life of me see anyone making any sense. I hate the nastiness that seems to come across, from all parties or their followers. I get that if you believe in something you are passionate about extolling it to others, BUT do you have to be nasty with it?

When we have children, we teach them to try to get along with others.

As they get older we teach them that by working in a team we can get better results, that in a crisis, people of all  ethnicities, religious creed, abilities matter and that by donating money or time, or effort that we can all make a diference for the better.

We teach fairness. We teach equality. Then when we go to the polls we forget all that. We vote for what is best for us as an individual, or we try to vote tactically, or in a constituency where it is a safe seat for one or t’other we may not bother at all.

I would like to see an end to party politics. To career politicians. I would like to see people who believe that they are in OFFICE not in Power, who are there to serve, to do their best for the country as a whole. To look after the NHS, to make sure that people pay their fair share, to not punish those who have worked hard, to give those who need help the right help. To make sure that everything is open and above board. To stop those who defraud the systems. To make things fair.

There is not one party whom I believe in. Not one politician.  I feel very let down. But I will vote on Thursday. Just don’t know who for yet.

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