The Season Ticket – Part 3.

On the 28th May 2014 I wrote about why I wouldn’t be renewing my Season Ticket, you can read the original post here and the follow up when I nearly caved here.

I took some stick for the original post from a couple of people. Others came to my defence and for that I thank them. One of my detractors has since become a Twitter friend! We never did get to meet up at a game though!

What I couldn’t say then was that one of the reasons why I wasn’t  was that we were hoping to move to a new area and I probably wouldn’t have the time available, but now that is well and truly done and dusted and with a new season approaching I thought I would review my decision.

Since that decision was made I have watched my club play football, both home and away. I have been to Brighton, Aston Villa, Notts Forest, Reading, Rotherham, Derby and have seen us play Rotherham, Derby, Huddersfield, Wolves, Norwich, Birmingham,  Charlton, Brighton, Wigan, Notts Forest and Brentford at home.
Inevitably, had I kept my season ticket then I perhaps would not have missed out on some games I would have liked to have seen (Bolton and Charlton) but with so few tickets available I possibly might not have seen Charlton anyway. Financially, I made the right decision, in terms of games seen. But it came at a cost in terms of ticket availability and if I was able to sit with my OH who retained his season ticket.

We are now Champions of the Championship. I cannot believe that. When I was sat in the stands watching dismal football, the Groves era, the Bradbury era (sorry Supa, not blaming you at all), I could not have anticipated this finale.
Others have supporters have been doing this for much longer than me. They remember the winding up petitions, the anxt. I was a latecomer.

I have followed my team via Twitter, Facebook, the Bournemouth Echo, Cherry Chimes, and other occasional blogs, listened to podcasts, audioboom, South Today (thank God for Sky), watched matches on TV at my son’s home.  Seen the team I follow plastered all over the National and Global Press, when two short years ago it would have been “Bournemouth? have they got a football team?”

And so we come to next season. Had we remained in the Championship I would have repurchased a Season Ticket. I would have gone back to the North Stand, even though those sat in the South Stand see more goals.

Now we are Premier League, I don’t know how much a Season Ticket will be yet. I don’t know if I will be able to get one, the rush for tickets will be huge. I will try to follow my team as I did this year and hope to get to as many games as possible. Those I can’t get to, I will have to hope they are on TV.

Thank you to all those who posted photos of the celebrations, videos from the stands, wrote blogs about their day at a game, wrote articles for websites and newspapers. It has all helped me feel like I have been there.

My final words must go to the team. WOW. What a Season!. Well played. Enjoy your holidays and THANKYOU for the best season EVER!

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