Photography with a friend.

We have had a busy time! Last weekend we had visitors (friends from our old stomping ground) with one of their children.  Helen is a long standing friend and one who has encouraged me on my photographic journey. We both went on the same evening course some years ago and her photos are fantastic. Helen blogs daily here.

The weather wasn’t brilliant, but J had a look at my laptop and declared that I needed a new one with a faster processor, ,  M went for a walk to stretch his legs and then went to sleep in a chair for a bit and Helen and I took photos.

We set up a mini studio in my office using Helen’s flash, umbrellas and stand which she kindly brought  with her. I need to go gadget shopping,  I have my wish list and the challenge is doing it on a very fixed income! Still, nothing ventured nothing gained and I will be adding to my equipment probably at the end of June.

I have been acquiring bits and pieces to use as backgrounds in a small space, these include samples of wallpaper and using foam mountboard and black mountboard card.

I want to do a black and white photograph series. I was in a pub (what ever do you mean? “No change there then!” Humph!) and I saw a series of photographs of black and white bottles.

This stirred the old brain box and I decided to have a go using some of the bottles we have on the side. Then I thought on a bit and decided to have a go using black and white sweets. I then thought on a bit more and decided on a title – “Not everything is black and white” intending to have just a small dot of colour in the picture.


A bit of work to do here! I am going to try and get some bigger foam mountboard (more stability than just the card) and then fix the wallpaper on properly to get a wider background. You can see the plain board at the sides. This shot didn’t really work for me, but I was pleased with the idea, and I will persevere with it.

I also used the office desk as a base, it is smoked glass and that gave an interesting effect. It made it seem like the sweets were floating. However, I will have to try again. There was too much dust on the sweets (perhaps wash and leave wet? or maybe varnish them? Not too sure. I also noticed that the legs of the desk are visible, so perhaps I need to relocate them on the desk top, however, it is secondhand (preloved? vintage?) and so has scratches on it so I will have to be careful.

glass table

We also experimented with placing black card under the desk and white foamboard, but I like this image better.

As I said earlier, I now have a shopping list of things I want to buy so I can take this type of setup further.  I have lots of ideas, and I am writing them down, then fleshing them out in a journal.  I hope to share these perhaps later on.

It was great to spend time with friends, and to talk photography.

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3 Responses to Photography with a friend.

  1. Helen says:

    Yipee you posted …
    Made me smile … you noticed the same “problems” I did … sorry I have cost you more but I can’t wait to see what you invest in.

    Liked by 1 person

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