How I Lost You by Jenny Blackhurst – a Book Review

Once again I stuck my hand up and asked for a book. Once again I was lucky. I got a parcel through the post and upon opening it I discovered this:


and a beautiful thick postcard from the delightful Georgina Moore hoping I would enjoy the book. Sorry Georgina, I intended to use this as a bookmark, but never got the chance to. This book is unputdownable – is there such a word? There are certainly books like that, few and far between, but this is most definitely one. I started it in the morning and did not move until I had finished it. Not even for a cup of tea!!

I admired the cover, wondered why there was a photo on the front and why it looked like an envelope and then I read the blurb ahha, so that’s why! Clever marketing! Love it.

Emma Cartwright has been released on parole from Oakdale Psychiatric Institute having been sent there three years previously for the murder of her twelve-week-old son Dylan. Convicted under her name of Susan Webster, Emma has started to rebuild her shattered life with her new identity in a new town, with no memory of her crime she believed what she had been told.

So, when Emma gets an envelope addressed to Susan Webster, hand delivered, with a photograph inside that says it is of Dylan it throws her into a Machiavellian world as she tries to sort out what has actually happened.

I found the characters to be well drawn and believable, and although there seemed to be a couple of minor plot discrepancies in the storyline this does not in any way distract from the main plot or the way in which the story rampages along.

The flashback chapters (which I normally don’t like) add to the build up of suspense and explanation, also of the twists and turns. I felt a real sympathy for Emma as she tried to work out who she could trust, and what lies had been told, who was on her side and who wasn’t.  I felt her anxiety as she tried to begin a life in a new town and wary of strangers and how to handle the information she was finding out without distancing herself from her one friend from Oakdale.  I had questions about some of the circumstances surrounding Dylan’s death and didn’t quite believe how it was explained away, but this was handled very well. The puerperal psychosis is well described and researched.

This is a fast paced, well written debut novel.  The denouement of this novel took me completely by surprise. I really hadn’t picked out that ending. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can’t wait to see what Jenny comes up with as a follow up book.  I would heartily recommend this book.

This book was published as an ebook on 9th October 2014 (9781472218988) and was  published in paperback on 23rd April 2015 (9781472218964) at £7.99


I was sent a proof copy of this book in return for my honest review.

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