The Robin

I have always liked Robins. They are a friendly little bird that always appears in my garden when I am weeding, or digging. He is of course only after the insects and food that I dig up, but he is cheeky. Tipping his head on one side while he looks at me to see if it is safe to approach.

On Saturday it was a very warm afternoon. We had tea with our next door neighbours in our garden, and  they left to return to their home at about 7pm. I cleared up and decided to wander around the garden. Just looking to see what had flowered since the morning! On turning back to the house I saw a brown lump by one of the patio doors. With my eyesight not being the best, I thought initially it was a frog or something.

I approached (cautiously – the door was open I didn’t want to scare whatever it was indoors!) and to my distress I discovered a Robin, lying on the slab looking more than half dead. I walked around behind it and bent down, expecting it to either die instantly (things do that!) or to fly away. It did neither.

I picked it up.


It lolled it’s head. It’s eyes closed, it’s mouth opened and closed. It’s heart beat was strong, fast, but strong.  It looked so young. Had I done the wrong thing in picking it up? Was an adult bird watching me anxiously? I got my phone as I went indoors to find some water for this tiny thing I held in my hand. I took a photo, then dripped water into it’s opening and closing beak. It seemed to drink. It opened it’s eyes.

I took it outside and held it, I tried to cool it down a little by dripping water onto it’s head, it’s feathers. I checked it’s wings. They seemed to be in one piece. I gave it more water and it seemed to drink rapidly. OH found a black storage box with a lid, and we put it inside, along with the water, and some shredded paper and some maggots (doesn’t everyone have maggots in a fridge?), and left the little bird alone in the dark on the shreddings for half an hour before checking on his progress.

As you can see, he had perked up a lot!

WP_20150704_019I sat outside in the cool evening and watched what happened next.

WP_20150704_023Well, he was perking up!! I put my camera onto video and waited. Sadly, I missed him hopping out of the box! But he hopped over to me and sat by my feet. Eek! I didn’t want to frighten him by moving, so I sat quietly for a while.

WP_20150704_028I was delighted when this little bird made his own journey under the table, across the lawn and into the gloom of the evening.

I did check the flower beds, but I didn’t find him the next morning. I hope I did the right thing. I think I did the right thing, bit I am not sure. It was a great honour to hold this tiny fragile thing and to hopefully help it on its way.

Have you had any close encounters with British Wildlife?

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