Full House

My home is full of guests and while I love it, I am feeling completely discombobulated.

My sister-in-law, her husband, daughter and their dog are staying with us while their property purchase in France goes through. Add into the mix, my cousin and her husband for an overnight stay, my brother-in-law for a two night stay and then the niece has her French friend staying for a week with us as well and you can see why!

However, as busy as that sounds, it has its advantages. My sister-in-law cooked dinner on Sunday so I could study all day, I was kept supplied with tea, and a piece of cake her daughter made and I got the job done. She has helped around the house (I did stop her from washing the kitchen floor!) and we have taken it in turns to cook each day. We planned a menu and shared the costs (as much as I was allowed to!)

Two different families, working together, two different eating likes and dislikes, trying each others meal types, I was surprised to learn my niece had not had Toad in the Hole before (she ate it, said she liked it…), I am eating spicier food than I have done for a while.

However, we are finding that we have put our lives on hold a little bit to accommodate them. Silly really. I think we are missing our Motorhome (which is in the workshop at the moment having some little niggles worked on) and the ability to just up and go somewhere – anywhere.  Oh, and as much as I love them all, I really don’t appreciate the cold I now have.

One of Our House Guests

One of Our House Guests

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2 Responses to Full House

  1. lizziemoto says:

    Hope you can get a wee trip away in the Motorhome before it gets too cold……….


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