Feeling Brave in a foolish kind of way

Yesterday I did something for the first time. I went to a gallery to look at an exhibition, on my own. A massive thing for me. I am not the most confident of people in strange places, and I had no idea what I was supposed to be looking at. This is all part of the degree experience I suppose, and it is pushing me well out of my comfort zone! 

I had planned to go in early November, but that didn’t quite work out, so I went yesterday instead. I am now officially a wuss!

I found a car park near to where I thought I ought to be and then I panicked. Properly panicked. I had no idea where to go. I saw a shopping centre I recognised from a visit to Nottingham much earlier in the year with my husband. I walked in and found a bench where I could sit, draw breath and check on my phone to see if I had an app I could use to give me foot directions (no visitor parking at the gallery!) and using their free wifi I found one. I made my way out of the shiny bland shopping centre and onto the streets of Nottingham. Although I was trying to follow the directions I wasn’t doing very well. I saw a taxi rank. I dithered. I caved. I got a cab. I felt a complete idiot. I gabbled in the taxi. Speaking nonsense about not being able to find my bearings. Three minutes later the cab dropped me at my destination. I felt a proper fool. I could have found it myself, if I had just stopped and thought about it. 

All of these thoughts are put down for a reason. They demonstrate the idea of the Square Mile. An area that you know well, intimately, all the nooks and crannies, I didn’t know this area at all. I felt at sea. A stranger in an area that was full of people who did know it well, for whom it was their stamping ground, their Square Mile. If it had been my Square Mile I would have been fine.  How will I manage in London? I have no idea.  But I will at least be meeting other students who will know what they are doing!

I have blogged about the exhibition over on my learning log. If you want to, why not pop over and have a look? Here and here

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4 Responses to Feeling Brave in a foolish kind of way

  1. lizziemoto says:

    Not foolish at all, well done for achieving your goal! I would be lost (literally) without my Sat Nav or Google maps! I experienced your Square Mile feeling last week, I had to drive my blind companion to an important meeting in an area I didn’t know and the Sat Nav suddenly stopped working and I had no idea at all where I was and of course he couldn’t help me! I felt very small and annoyed at myself and panicking at making him late & for not having even looked at a map before I left. We got there in the end but my stress levels were through the roof! Good luck for London……research well in advance!


  2. Helen says:

    You will manage London just fine .. I did it – 6 hours exploring on my own with no sense of direction 🙂 Take an A-Z, look for key names before you go and there are marker posts regularly in central london saying “you are here” and showing you what is within 5 mins walk and which direction… you then find another marker!

    If you look at the side the is facing you – you see which way to go…. if you look at the other side – it points to where you came from… I noted down key names so I knew what to ask for….

    Amazing too – lots of people are friendly – if you ask, they may look surprised but they do help!!

    the best thing about London is places are so close together – if you are in the wronf place, fake it, you headed this way for a photo op … no one will know but you!


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