My Top Ten Books of 2015

 I have read a lot of books this year, some I have read for review purposes, the majority I have bought and read for pleasure.  I thought I would try and choose my top ten. Tricky job!



  1.  How to be Brave  – Louise Beech
  2. Snowblind  –   Ragnar Jonasson
  3. Nightblind  – Ragnar Jonasson
  4. Elizabeth is Missing – Emma Healey
  5. How I Lost You – Jenny Blackhurst
  6. Untold, the Stories behind the Photographs – Steve McCurry
  7. The Abrupt Physics of Dying – Paul Hardisty
  8. Some-One Elses Skin – Sarah Hilary
  9. The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes – Anna McPartlin
  10. The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets – Eva Rice


All of these books are ones which I have raved about to other people, all of these have either kept me reading all night, made me cry, made me want to know more about the author, or the characters in the story.
Some of these books you will find a review for on this site, others  I will post a review shortly.

Of  all of these books I think my favourite is Louise’s book. I cried. I so wanted it to turn out all right in the end. I had some experience of dealing with a child who didn’t want to be diabetic and it isn’t easy!

There is one non-fiction book in the list, Steve McCurry. I am sure you will know at least one of his famous photographs (The Afghan Girl) and this book is a fascinating look into how this and other photographs were taken and the lengths he went to take them.

Ragnar Jonasson is new to the British scene, writing in the style of Agatha Christie, I read Snowblind first, and found a new main character in Ari Thor that I wanted to know more about. I read this at one sitting, and it left me with so many questions. Nightblind has just been published and again Ari Thor is the main investigator, again I have questions, and again I cannot wait for the next instalment. This  author has opened my eyes to a whole new area of crime writing  – Nordic Noir.

Elizabeth is Missing is an interesting take on Dementia, and certainly made me think about how it feels to be affected from a Dementia sufferers point of view.

The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes was recommended to me  and I loved it. It handles life and death beautifully and reinforces to me that we can’t always have what we want, we have to work out ways to deal with what life throws at us, another one which made me cry!

How I Lost You was a bit of a page turner, back wards and forwards as I tried to recall what had happened previously, another one which made me cry!

I kept hearing about a book called All About the Abrupt Physics of Dying. I wasn’t sure it was for me, after all, I didn’t understand Physics. I bought it, and I didn’t regret it, fast moving, well written, and very topical. Excellent story.

Some One Else’s Skin and  The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets are both books which entrance and maintain your interest all the way through, with Secrets set in the 1950s and Skin set in modern day they are both character driven stories with an eye for detail. Both highly recommended.

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